Non-Stick Electric Wok 35cm with Glass Lid – Product Review


Stellar Electric Wok, Black, 35 cm, 1500 W

  • Large size for cooking family meals or when catering for larger numbers
  • 5 heat settings, so can be used for searing meats and stir frying vegetables to simmering
  • Circular heating element for quick, even heat
  • Vented glass lid – Allows food to be steamed and cooked to a desired level
  • Detachable cable and cool touch handles
  • Easy to clean – PFOA free non-stick cooking surface
  • Stellar 2 Year Electrical Guarantee

TSS Says:

TSS tester in this instance is a fan of a plug-in Raclette Grill he uses for table top cooking outdoors, in all seasons, as an alternative to firing up the barbecue.  So to trial this Electric Wok unit from Stellar it was utilized to cook a beef chili outdoors on Halloween Night.  Recipe preparation was undertaken in the kitchen beforehand and everything set out on a tray and placed alongside the Wok on the patio table so it was to hand. The unit powered by an electric extension cable fed from the kitchen out to the patio table, the probe was plugged into the power cable and then inserted in the Wok (the product image below illustrates where the probe is inserted)

Positive Comment The large capacity of this item is one of its triumphs. It has deep sides and the non-stick performance is effective. A large electric Wok like this one, in principle, is perfect for batch cooking pan dishes like curry, dahl and bolognese recipes. It is ideal, being a small domestic appliance (SDA) for bringing cooked and ready-to-eat food to the serving table. Turn the temperature down and the food will remain warmed through, so lots of advantage here over using an ordinary Wok for purpose. The Tester reports that on the number 5 setting (the hottest setting) the onion softened quickly and along with the meat browned up, and, though it required constant stirring and that he needed to get the liquid into the pan sooner than he’d anticipated, our tester was very impressed by the performance in the early stages of making. And once the chili meal was ready there was opportunity for family members (plus guest ) to self serve into a bowl at individual convenience. Note: this unit cannot be immersed in water and reading a few reviews of a similar product at Amazon this is regarded by some as a negative. However, our tester confirms that the Wok is very easy to clean

Negative Comment  the tester now knows this would be an excellent cooking vessel when stir frying lots of vegetables on the No. 5 setting as the pan heats to a high temperature and because the heat is evenly distributed across the whole of the surface area, nevertheless, when it came to cooking the chili meal, the instructions in the booklet say to turn to Number 3 setting (with the lid on) once the stirring has stopped and the meat is required to cook through over a longer time. Unfortunately, on this setting, the pan did not maintain an ideal temperature to complete this stage of the process satisfactory, and the tester had to keep turning up the dial between 4 and 5 and be watchful at all times for the whole of the 45 – 50 mins cooking time

Conclusion Tester confirms that for Asian style – stir fry cooking particularly, on number 5 setting,  this electric Wok performs just as well, if not better, than any non-powered Wok of the best quality. He even went on to say in his feedback that he thinks this is a ‘must have’ item for anyone who stir-fries on a regular basis


2 thoughts on “Non-Stick Electric Wok 35cm with Glass Lid – Product Review

  1. My wife has a set of really heavy gauge aluminum wok. When started making my own lunch I found it irritating to use a five inch pan on a six inch burner. I simply got into cooking pan change of state and it’s quite challenging! this is great idea.


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