Crepe Pan by Judge Cookware – Product Review


The Product

  • Judge Radiant Induction ready aluminium cookware (Colour – Red)
  • Even heat distribution on all hob types
  • Teflon’s Radiance non-stick surface which is PFOA free – a 3 layer non-stick
  • Soft grip handles
  • Dishwasher and Oven safe up to 150°C
  • Judge 25 year guarantee with 10 year non-stick guarantee

TSS Says: Our Tester is known as the dessert maker king. In the run up to Shrove Tuesday  (28 Feb) he trials the crepe pan by Judge for good measure. The hob is gas fueled and tester follows a basic pancake batter: 125 g plain flour; 1 egg, beaten; 275 ml milk; and spray oil for frying.

‘the pan is shallow by design and has a heavy base, so twinned with the soft grip handle has the right kind of balance and feel for the crepe/pancake cooking. Heating up the 26 cm crepe pan on the gas flame happened speedily on a medium setting, and the pan was ready for a spray of oil across its surface and to receive the first ladleful of batter in a few seconds. The first pancake made was not quite right, but from then on the oil added each time adjusted the ‘slip’ of the pan’s surface sufficiently and the correct cooking temperature was maintained so it was easy to swirl the batter evenly and thinly, and to flip it without sticking. Our tester acknowledged that he was used to making a batch of small pancakes in an 8.5″ frying pan and so utilised the crepe pan in the same way. Our tester states it would have been a better idea to make two larger thicker pancakes ‘crepes’, though he thinks it would have been difficult to toss something larger and that is would be more of a flip using a spatula.

Our tester concludes that this crepe pan is ideal in all respects for the purpose for which it is designed and thinks it a real plus that it is Dishwasher safe’.
We enjoyed the road test and are looking forward to pancake day – but we may be tempted to try it again before then!



Harts of Stur Stockist


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