Glass Cookware – Still Relevant, Still Modern

borosilicate glassware – includes the 2 in 1 casserole dish (forefront) and a rectangular roaster by Judge

Cooking and baking using glass casserole dishes is a real throwback to my schooldays and my Domestic Science classes back then. I would often transport home, in the crook of my arm, a foil wrapped dish I’d prepared and cooked in school. The original oven-to-table principle defined in one simplistic design! But it’s not old fashioned to like these things, I really value my collection of borosilicate  (its scientific term) glassware!

As well as nostalgic feeling I often get when I use my dishes, I think they are the best kind of cooking vessels in which to oven cook casseroles and traditional British puddings. The see through qualities are better than ceramic pieces for purpose, and tin, as a comparable material, hasn’t the all round functional qualities.

For old times sake, and as I was trialing a couple of items from Judge’s range, I decided to use their 2 in 1 Casserole with lid (1 litre) to bake a Cottage Pie and a 700 ml Roaster for an Eve’s Pudding, two school recipe favourites! I have always thought the merits are that these glass dishes can withstand a wide range of temperatures not just when baking or cooking in a medium/hot oven or under a grill but when heating up and warming in a microwave too, and, when storing food inside a refrigerator. They are easy to clean (using nothing abrasive), and are dishwasher safe. A dishwasher wash will float away anything baked on leaving the glassware sparkling.

The slideshow below demonstrates the item’s ability to turn out great rustic, family food and that of restaurant quality too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

best wishes, from Debra

Link to stockists


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