Mad About The House – Book Review

MAD ABOUT THE HOUSE How to decorate your home with style

Author: Kate Watson-Smyth

Hardcover: 205 pages

Publisher: Pavilion Books (22 Mar. 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1911595427



A book with the following sections as a lead in : Your Home, Your Story Find Your StyleThe Perils of PinterestA Word About Colour.  The content of these sections form a kind of code and a point of reference on which Kate Watson-Smyth (the author) structures the seven chapters which then follow on. In particular the author’s thoughts in regard to the attention to colour and how she sees one’s personal style coming into play in design suggestions. These repeated themes and ideas keep coming up in the book’s formula as one progresses reading through (there is a lot of text to get through!)

Each chapter focuses on an individual room within the home (7 rooms altogether) and identifies the form and function specific to each space. How to plan and layout areas in the kitchen for example, Tips are shared about how to get around the problematic things about a room space. There are suggestions on how to choose lighting; where to place furniture; how to incorporate storage and tech products.

Reader is reminded occasionally of the tried and tested rules that should be followed to achieve good design results; whereas the okay is also given if rules be swayed (or ignored even) without compromising the overall aims. The author’s own aims is to make any design concept sing.

Artwork is illustrative 2D techniques, there are also some computer software room plans featured and photographic images.



This book has a classic, feature writing format and all those elements exist, what sets it aside is the fact it is illustrated, not heavily with full on photographic images, but more with little pen and ink drawings and colour wash – it’s a good looking book with its pastel cover and non glossy presentation.

The author writes a popular blog with the same name Visit, and she regularly publishes online features of the design and styling of home interiors. The author provides journalistic contributions to magazines and newspapers too. This is the author’s second published book, but this one she describes as ‘the book of the blog‘. The author’s blog was awarded Vuelio number one UK interiors blog in 2015/16 and in 2015/17.

The writing arrives with a chatty, informal air. Writing approach is infectious. We bloggers should always stick together! We hope the book does well for you, Kate.





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