Product Review – ‘Stay Cool’ Pans by Stellar

The way we cook everyday meat and two veg meals is very different from how our grandparents went about it. They may have used the vegetable water to make their soups and gravies more than we would think about doing nowadays, but they tended to boil the life out of cauliflower florets or a cabbage to gain a good vegetable stock! Today, we are more inclined to carefully steam, par boil or pan/stir fry vegetables and so preserve the nutrients in the very fibres of the vegetable itself.

Stay Cool Draining Saucepan by Stellar


Milk Pan by Stellar


Stockpot 6L from the Stay Cool range by Stellar


TSS is one of the first to review this new range of pan wares designed for the modern day cook by the Stellar brand. The ‘Stay Cool’ range is suitable for all hob types including induction and all from the range have design features that achieves cooler handling than traditional plain metal saucepans, they have silicone edged glass lids (designed to retain nutrients and provide easier draining), and easy to read measuring guides inside the pans. The range consists of everything from a 16cm Milk Pan to a Stockpot (6 L). All are non-stick PFOA and scratch resistant for healthy cooking and are dishwasher safe.

TSS Says

We’ve seen a couple of samples ‘in the flesh’ and they are lovely things, aesthetically. Prices are not extortionate for example RRP for the milk pan is 46 quid but its typical selling price is around 28.50 pounds sterling; this includes a lifetime guarantee. Ideal, we feel, for home use and in a commercial kitchen too.


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