Double Walled Coffee Mugs – A Product Feature

double-walled Borosilicate cups/mugs

Remember that I told you of my penchant for using Borosilicate glassware when oven cooking? Reminder at: here

Above I present my growing collection of double-walled Borosilicate cups/mugs designed for coffee and other hot beverages, and for serving iced drinks too!

a double walled, stackable coffee Mug from JUDGE



a double-walled coffee mug from JUDGE Cookware


In this posting I am featuring a double-walled coffee mug from JUDGE Cookware so that I can properly convey my appreciation of the functional simplicity of the glass material as before.

These mugs (which are sold by Judge as a set of two) are hand crafted. Each mug is a mouth-blown piece; glass fans will like that knowledge, another point is that the glass is thermally insulated because of an ‘air pocket’ construction, which means the coffee stays hot while the exterior stays cooler; the handles particularly. Whereas, iced coffee/iced tea drinks served in these vessels stay suitably cool for that extra enjoyment in warmer weather. All in all Borosilicate glassware can withstand a wide range of temperatures. See the thicker glass construction in the pic below.

Cleaning and Storage: this type of glassware comes out sparkling from a high temperature dishwasher wash. These mugs are stackable so will take up less cupboard space.

JDG32 Set of Two Coffee Mugs 250ml



Who else regularly uses Borosilicate glassware in their homes or at work? Comments welcome


thank you to the best readers ever!


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