Command™ Picture Hanging Range and New Command™ Bathroom Products


Our own little framed picture collage (see above) illustrates our own use of picture hooks from Command™ to display artwork in the home. The Picture Hanging Range is perfect and effortless for the hanging of specific product/display items. We like it!

Command™ adhesive strips that are included in the packs with every hook, clip or fastener takes away the need for nails, screws and tacks to attach. The Picture clips can be used for hanging: office schedules, posters, calendars and pictures without frames, they work similar to double-sided tape and they can be easily removed without damaging the surfaces.




The Command™ range is extensive overall. The Command™ website has pages of ideas for uses around the home, and also provides tidying solutions, as well as decorating tips for events and festivals and they have just launched a new bathroom range:

TSS has recently scaled down the categories and so these days the talk and interest is largely about home style and home wares, so we were interested to learn of the New to the range Command™ Metal Bath Products and thought we’d share the YouTube video which demonstrates the product rather nicely.


Command™ is a trademark of 3M.


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