Ruby Hot Chocolate Recipe from Prestat – Product Feature

TSS says:

Prestat informs us that Ruby Cocoa beans have a natural, forest fruit flavour alongside a delicate kind of chocci-ness. We found that the hot chocolate drink we made using Ruby Hot Chocolate Flakes was milky pale in colour but there was a definite hint of fruitiness there. See the Ed’s instagram video below revealing our product testing.

With the chill in the air of autumn days (and nights) we thought it a good time to share Prestat’s sophisticated hot chocolate recipe. Ruby Hot Chocolate Flakes are part of a wider collection of ‘Ruby’ chocolate products.  Prestat also sells a more traditional Hot Chocolate in a bright pink box!

Hot Chocolate Drink with Ruby Hot Chocolate Flakes by Prestat

How to Make – Ruby Hot Chocolate Drink:

What You Need:

1 milk pan

A whisk or beater

1 large mug

6 heaped teaspoonfuls of Ruby Hot Chocolate Flakes, plus extra for sprinkling


Double Cream

Sugar (optional)


What to Do

Fill the mug with cold milk and transfer the measure of milk to the milk pan. Turn on the heat power and warm the milk slowly. We used a large mug and so the addition of 6 heaped teaspoonfuls was just right, so add this while the milk is warming along with a glug of double cream, and sugar to taste (if required). With a handheld electric whisk, balloon whisk or similar start to froth up the milk by beating the liquid until the milk becomes hot but it is not quite boiling. Remove from heat. Pour into the mug and sprinkle a little of the flakes on top for taste and presentation.



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