How to Make a Quilted Cushion / Scatter Cushion

The post published yesterday here at TSS, showcased a handmade, quilted table runner using a printed chambray fabric called Sunflower Indigo Garden by clothing retailer Seasalt Cornwall. The sharing of this recent sewing project continues today with How to Make a Quilted Cushion to match the table runner. Note that step-by-step pictures will sometimes illustrate to the making a second scatter cushion, this was not quilted. The fabric used for that one was Meadow Night fabric also from Seasalt.


cushion insert 18 inch square

Piece One – 1 X 19 inch square, of printed chambray fabric – Colour: Sunflower Garden Indigo (pre washed and pressed) 

Piece Two – 1 x 12″ x 19″ rectangle of the same fabric approx

Piece Three – 1 x 11″ x 19″ rectangle of the same fabric approx

1 x 18 inch square of wadding

1 x 19 inch square backing fabric (cotton) pre washed and pressed

Quality threads in complementary colours (this project used various shades of blue in the Coats duet and the Coats cotton range)

Rotary Cutter and ruler




Sewing machine


Figure 1

1. Take Piece One only and make a fabric sandwich with it. Place this, the printed fabric on top right side up, the wadding square in the middle and then the backing fabric at the bottom. Trim with a rotary cutter. Pin around the edges to secure. Now quilt it. As with the table runner on the previous post, we followed the natural rounds and swirls of the design and used different machine embroidery stitches to arrive at the shown above in Figure 1. Tie up and cut away loose threads.

2. Take Piece Three and make a small turn along one of the longer ends, then fold over again – press down with a hot iron. Repeat the process with Piece Two. Action two rows of machine stitching to make neat seams on of these two pieces. You can see the stitched down seam we made in Figure 2.

3. Lay out flat and right side up, the Piece One as Figure 1. Carefully place on top, wrong side up from the top down Piece Three, aligning the edges. As Figure 2 demonstrates.

Figure 2
Figure 3

4. Next, Take Piece Two, wrong side up, and lay it from the bottom upwards so it covers the whole of Piece One completely and at least a 3 inch section of Piece Three. Important that there is at least a 3 inch overlap of the two back pieces. Check all the edges are aligned,  It doesn’t matter that the wadding section and backing fabric do not quite meet the measured edges of the printed fabric components of this project. However, double check that the band of the last rectangular piece is a little higher than centre but not too high when you have everything positioned. Trim a rectangular piece(s) along its rougher cut outer edge(s) to fit, if your calculations happen to be a little ‘out’. Machine stitch a half inch seam all the way round. Machine stitch again, using a zig zag stitch withing the hemline all the way round to strengthen.

5. Turn the cushion cover in and through the gap at the back and insert the cushion pad. Job Done!

envelope style backing
front side view of a handmade, quilted indigo sunflower cushion

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