Prestat’s New Ruby Egg and favourite Pink Popping Prosecco Egg – Easter

A Product feature by TSS Ed, Debra Hall Contains product placement

I just had to illustrate the unveiling of this luxury, Easter egg by our favourite, chocolate connoisseur brand Prestat. Cracking the egg open reveals pink, mini truffles. Packaged in a rigid box with lid with a distinctive design by Kitty Arden.

Comment : ‘The fizzing in the milk chocolate candy shell with a pink lining, twinned with the popping and nibble crunch from the otherwise smooth dark chocolate ganache in the truffles is a treat!’


ruby egg
RUBY CHOCOLATE EASTER EGG 6oz – 170g (pictured above)
I am re-blogging a post in which I first introduced to my readers Prestat’s use of Ruby cocoa beans in a chocolate product. Follow the link below to that original post. Interesting to see that Prestat are introducing more ‘Ruby’ lines; this Easter Egg is filled with Sea Salt Caramel Truffles. Packaged in a box of Midnight Blue with exotic birds – design by Storm (London).

via Ruby Hot Chocolate Recipe from Prestat – Product Feature


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