Puro Teatro / Reines Theater / Pure Theatre ☕️ #Coffee Feature #b2b

contains product placement

Comment : This coffee brewing kit makes serving fresh coffee at a table, or for an appreciative audience, a real treat for onlooker(s). Where space is limited it is still possible to set up the system straightforwardly, and no power connection is required because the water can be heated in the kitchen and arrive at the table in the long spouted kettle. It’s real theatrics actually, just pop two or three spoons of ground coffee into the filter (with a filter paper inserted), pour over water until the coffee is ‘blooming’ and filters through into the coffee cup(s) below.

THE PRODUCT – Pour-Over Kit 1 x 4 By Melitta

consists of:

Filter Holder (Black or Transparent) each has two outlets to allowing the brewing of two cups of coffee at one time

A box of Original Melitta Coffee Filters (FSC mix paper)

2 x Red Porcelain Coffee Mugs (dishwasher safe) with Melitta logo

Black set

Black set

Transparent set

Transparent set
Note: Ground coffee is not included


only one cup brewing for the photograph. The red/white illustration above it however, demonstrates the filter having two outlets so two cups of coffee can be made at the same time


Available as an addition is this Pour Over Kettle suitable for all types of cooker hobs




‘BLOOMING’ is one of the stages of filter coffee making


Melitta is a Trade Business (B2B) selling to restaurants, caterers, shop and cafe owners worldwide. Price Varies – for consumers the product is available from Melitta Dealers Internationally

Melitta was a TSS Business of the Month for January 2019 https://wp.me/p1JXg7-2Sk



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