Profiling THE RUIA GROUP LTD – It’s a Family Affair

TSS has profiled a good few family founded and family run businesses, but one would be hard pressed to find a business which houses so many family members with clearly defined and evenly distributed roles and responsibilities within the company.

Figure 1 – The Ruia Group’s headquarters at Kearsley Mill, Manchester UK

The Ruia Group was incorporated in 1993 and is operated from the Edwardian built, Grade II listed, Kearsley Mill – Greater Manchester, UK., (Figure 1) and from further UK locations including: Bolton, Crewe/Lanark (GLENMUIR), Leicester (David James Wholesale).

The business was set up in the late 1950s by Indian Cotton traders: Govind, Bhim and Jitu Ruia in the UK. This joint family venture maximised on their early connections and known suppliers and so enjoyed growth and success importing textiles over time.

Members of the 2nd generation of the Ruia family took up the reigns in the 1980s. Presently, four brothers and two cousins are joint owners. Five are company Directors and one a company President in Canada: Brothers Vimal Ruia (DREW BRADY) Raj Ruia (RICHARD HAWORTH) Sunil Ruia (BELLEDORM); Alok Ruia (SOCKSHOP, HEATHOLDERS®) Also cousins Amit Ruia (OSAN)and Ajay Ruia (DREW BRADY INC – Toronto).

Figure 5 – Anushka Ruia -Sales Manager at Osan Limited

There is also the inclusion of 3rd generation members from the Ruia family: Abhishek  who currently works in the golfing brand, Glenmuir arm of the business (See a young, Abhishek pictured in 2014 on the left – Figure 2). Nikita (RICHARD HAWORTH); Mansi (SOCKSHOP); Mikhel (GLENMUIR) and Anushka (OSAN – Dubai See Figure 5).


Reliable suppliers are still valued and through its own manufacture and subsidiaries The Ruia Group Ltd supplies retailers and hospitality organisations with branded linens. Supplying high quality textiles designed for both domestic market and hospitality outlets.

Prima pillowcases – Richard Haworth



Belledorm bedding


The importing, distributing, and exporting of socks, underwear and sportswear is also a massive part of the business.  Not to miss the mention that the group also owns northern England coffee shop chain Rhode Island Coffee (Raj Ruia its founder and director Figure 4). Sales and Marketing activities across the company’s portfolio as a whole are impressive. Selling through online retailers like Sockbuy, retailers and wholesalers generally, and concession outlets in the UK and Ireland, means the group is operating internationally too.

Working Together, the Ruia family have built on its good reputation in the UK textile industry. The company has a social responsibility policy and a number of charity commitments including their own charitable arm: The Bhim Ruia Foundation which is mainly funded through the business activities of the group and supports many charities, including Orbis, a sight saving charity.

The Ruia Group is TSS Business of the Month for May 2019. Visit the website at


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