this is about me and the reasons why I blog for a living’ tss editor Debra

Why a review’s site?

Trying not to sound like I am having a job interview I feel it is worth mentioning that I finally quit working in community settings in 2012 as a freelance artist deciding to continue broadening my critiquing know-how. I’d already taken the steps of working in this new line by setting up this blog tssreviews the year before. At this point in time I had been reviewing stage shows in the Midlands UK for 4 years straight, (and still do). I had been writing for almost a decade but I was acutely aware that some partners would expect the voices and opinions of others to channel through the review writing; to enable readers to get a real handle about the subject under scrutiny. So what I did, and what I continue to do, is to outreach across a wide demographic to gather feedback. As tss editor I will do the research and I will pull together the content, and, in an effort to keep the vibe fresh, I will allow others to guest on the site from time to time.

I realise there are some major online reviews’ sites, but what I offer my partners and readers is something quite different, something more sophisticated and more insightful. What I am not is a blogger who will allow free advertising for businesses disguised within a blog format. As a one time educator I can talk, knowledgeably (scholarly even) about many things and this is why I can review many things falling under a number of different categories. I have good all round general knowledge and this has proven to be useful in this role!

I channel the important considerations and relay the customer experience in honest terms, with a view to helping a potential customer (or consumer), or a potential paying punter arrive at a decision that is right for them, and, as we are all one of these at points in our lives (wherever we happen to be in this world), therefore I’d like to think my posts would be of interest to the majority of people.

Why WordPress?

As there is a commercial element involved in my blogging activities I often ask myself if this is the right platform for me. The crux of my work is that I bridge creativity with the business world and I believe WordPress goes a long way in helping me to do this. Affiliation with businesses is not allowed on the platform, so I am not able to fill up my spaces with advertisements. For businesses who like to keep a sharp eye on their ROI I’m probably a non-starter, but I’m cool with that actually, as the views expressed at tssreviews.com should always independent and I would be sending out mixed messages if I were allowing certain retailers or names to ‘hijack’ the site. Partners should value the stance I am taking.

I’m a creative person. I see Wordsmiths and Poets receiving encouragement and high interest of their posts on the platform; and I’d like to try to build my community to match the success of others on the site right now. It’s important side of blogging that I have rather neglected. Yes, it is true that I need to generate some kind of income for my blogging activities but I hope that’s not a bore for people in my efforts to do so, because my one aim is always to approach every piece of writing like a story teller might and I am always artistic and imaginative with the presentation. It is true again, that I talk about brands, about manufacturing, about businesses and their operations, but every blog has a focus, and this is mine!

I am pressing into the sixth year with WordPress now and have changed themes a few times. For me it is important that my photography is showcased at its very, very best and that the text is clear on any device on which it is being viewed; and I do feel (short of moving TSS to be website based) that there is no match to be found elsewhere that allows both to shine.

Comment, advice or post sharing would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes, Debra :♠♣♦☺!♥

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