tssreviews can help with the establishing of positive online profiles and know that tssreviews is against online defamation, however, tssreviews is not responsible for content when it appears elsewhere without permission.


1.0 Though we may receive a small monetary gain or products from the companies mentioned in posts it is viewed as an exchange for editorial input i.e. content writing and photography. tssreviewsdotcom is an independent voice headed by Editor, Debra Hall (theatre critic/product writer) and her outreach team from all walks of life. Opinion is measured. Reviews are balanced. We believe that those we work in collaboration with should see it as valuable and refreshing to allow us at TSS to do the talking. We publish editorial pieces i.e product reviews and features and often a trade business is profiled.

1.1 FOR PRODUCT REVIEWS ONLY Businesses or PR companies provide product (press) samples, and/or presents opportunity for our experienced reviewer or item specific tester(s) to sample a service, for the purpose of reviewing at tssreviewsdotcom The supply of full sized non-returnable product sample(s), or sampling of services, is received free of charge or at press rate. That is as far as relations with a business goes. No reviews published at tssreviewsdocom will ever appear because of a ‘special’ relationship. No business or marketing handler is not allowed to influence what it said. These are the terms for reviewing purposes. tssreviewsdotcom will NOT review an item without opportunity being presented to test and trial in a physical sense in the first instance.Thoughts and opinions expressed are totally independent. Any view that a business/or PR company can pay or provide incentive to affect that expressed in a review, or have influence as to how their product and/or service is rated, should be dispelled, as this would be a misconception

Note: As a rule of thumb we do not review tobacco or alcohol based products, or anything medical, herbal based or homeopathic


In almost all cases, a small, commercial type arrangement between admin and partners will have existed prior to the publishing of a blog feature editorial which includes showcasing or mentions of a business or a product

WordAds appears at tssreviewsdotcom and allows admin the potential to make money. Sometimes clicking on a book image or text will redirect users to partner websites where a low earning commercial/affiliate type partnership between admin and partner may exist

tssreviewsdtcom will not share your personal information with third-parties. Cookies may measure content performance for analytic reasons but no other information is collected, stored and used again from your visit – Permission to be obtained and granted from us in the first instance for any republishing of content found here at tssreviewsdotcom appearing on other websites or media outlets, otherwise tssreviewsdotcom is not responsible for content when it appears elsewhere without permission. This privacy policy is subject to change and without notice.

Images featured on this blog are subject to copyright debra hall 2019 (unless copyrighted in a previous year) In regard to other images appearing: permission has been granted for their use at tssreviewsdotcom and/or accreditation has been made where applicable.




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