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Featuring twelve top products of 2015 (falling in one or more categories) here at tssreviews View the showcasing Slideshow Kicking off the New Year and published in four separate categories including Giftwares and Stationery was TSS Product of the Month for January: Bagabook’s 17TH CENTURY WORLD MAP BRITISH LIBRARY DESIGN (licensed) on a journal cover/organizer with handle. Recent BAGABOOK company news is that they have launched a special edition – Alice in Wonderland to their collection of book and journal covers. VP Operations explains that as the summer of 2015 was the 150th Anniversary celebrations of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Bagabook decided to release, under licence with the British Library once again, this exquisite design (figure 1) appearing on quality book/journal covers which tells the famous story and includes those fabulous original illustrations by John Tenniel. Bagabook believes that Alice is set to be amongst one of the hottest topics of 2015/2016, so this a unique gift for all ages & occasions! Details on the Bagabook website Also available in Blue Bagabook have also …


Euphoria 110 Duo consists of Euphoria 110 Duo Shower Spray (2 Sprays), 920 mm Shower riser rail and Silverflex hose 1750 mm both by GROHE before and after #bathroom Bathroom Refit — TSS NEWS (@TSSComms) November 19, 2015 //

8 Really Good Reasons why GROHE is TSS Business of the Month for October 2015

Another bathroom manufacturer is our latest Business of the Month. Profiling the mighty GROHE (an industry leader and a powerhouse business) this October, and for a few very good reasons: because Grohe has an overarching brand promise ‘The GROHE brand stands for perfect water delivery “made in Germany”, offering uncompromising comfort, fun and enjoyment of our planet’s most vital resource. Building on a trend-setting premium product range, unique expertise and target group-oriented services, GROHE presents itself as a global leader who points the way forward for the sanitary market’ because Grohe’s great design, engineering capacity and knowledge within the industry is helping reduce the consumption of water and energy. GROHE states that quality and sustainability is a tradition followed, and that resources used are with a ‘good conscience’. GROHE manufactures taps (faucets) and shower products that are highly innovative and well engineered. New technologies introduced are helping to reduce water and energy consumption, they include The GROHE TurboStat® cartridge which reacts to changes in water pressure on hot and cold supplies to maintain a constant temperature …

Are there any towels and facecloths still made in England?

    This posting links to a blog called UK MADE which, like TSS, investigates the manufacturing stories behind a vast array of UK manufactured consumer goods and well known British Brands; then and now. Originally posted in April 2014 the author asks ‘are there any towels and facecloths still made in England?‘ Source:

Leading Bath Manufacturer, Carron Bathrooms is TSS Business of the Month for September 2015

Background Falkirk business Carron Bathrooms have a traceable history back to the eighteenth century. *Its iron foundry situated near to the River Carron manufactured defence equipment for the Royal Navy and so received a Royal Charter. During the Industrial Revolution, when pig iron and wrought iron production was at its height, the company saw continued growth. In 1870, new furnaces and offices were built on the Stenhouse Road. For two centuries the company was associated with major civil engineering projects, including its biggest, the supply of iron rings for the first Jarrow-Howden tunnel construction. The Carron Company Ltd have seen demand for their quality iron castings during two world wars and in peace time for defence, public and private sector customers, while also producing domestic products. The first Carron bath, cast iron of course, was manufactured in 1866! *ends* Made in Britain Time and time again, when researching businesses, we learn of British companies (those with long manufacturing histories and having enjoyed established reputations) falling into receivership during the 1980s, because of the new economic policies …