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Prestat is looking after us grown-ups this Advent ROCKING HORSE ADVENT CALENDAR WITH Dark Chocolate (with sea salt) and Milk Chocolate (with caramel) 8.47 OZ – 240g Individual Prestat chocolates are stunningly presented in the Advent calendar format of a chocolate treat per day (for the 24 days of Advent) designed to engage one in the growing sense of anticipation as we count down the days of December to Christmas Eve. If you’re a celebrator of the Christmas season and a ‘joiner in’ of these kinds of festivities you will appreciate all this has to offer. Prestat is looking after the grown ups again with this lovely package. Why? Well, because we get the dry sense of humour of the story that comes with it and its ‘keep your hands-off they’re my chocolates!’ message, and, we’ll not be distracted away so easily from the view of this thing on the mantelpiece, also, and more importantly, we will definitely savour the luxury of the chocolates better! The packaging features bright and richly colourful Kitty Arden artwork (Prestat’s …

Franchise Partnering Company FOCUS Brands Inc. and its CINNABON Brand

TSS Business of the Month for October 2016 is @Cinnabon of @FOCUSBRANDS in the US #franchise #business #TSSTIME — TSS NEWS (@TSSComms) October 25, 2016   Since 2014, TSS has profiled many different types of businesses monthly, from relatively small set-ups to corporate giants. Those operating (or with head quarters) in the UK, the US, and in Europe. Most have been trade companies. In fact, the first business ever to feature was the brand of a franchising company, who, like FOCUS Brands, are responsible for the local manufacture, distribution and sale of product in many countries around the world. Whatever your business is get in touch if you would like to be similarly profiled at tssreviews Atlanta-based FOCUS Brands Inc is a franchiser, operator and developer of global multi-channel food service brands. Their strategy: ‘to develop owned and acquired food service brands through a repeatable operating model that leverages the core franchise business into multiple distribution channels, including licensing, consumer products, and ecommerce’ FOCUS Brands have been operating since 2001 and acquired Cinnabon (whose …

Jersey Royals and two hob cooking potato recipes

About Jersey Royals: Jersey Royal New Potatoes ‘Jersey Royals‘ have Designation of Origin protection (PDO) under the EU Protected Food Name Scheme. The scheme identifies locally produced food and drink products which have a unique heritage. In the case of Jersey Royals, we are presented with a premium, branded, new potato which dates back over 130 years of being uniquely grown, cultivated and harvested on the island. The PDO ensures that it is only Royals grown in Jersey can be called “Jersey Royals”. The Jersey Royal Company says ‘The unique Jersey soils are treated with vraic (seaweed) and early crops are grown on the steep slopes. Each potato is lifted and packed fresh to guarantee the unique and nutty flavour the Jersey Royal Potato is famous for” Jersey Royals are a fibre-packed, low GI carb that keep you fuller for longer and are arguably the healthiest potato on the market. Asda supermarkets states that the Top Seven Health Benefits of Jersey Royals are: that they’re high in vitamin C for healthy teeth, bones and hair that they have more …

Sherry baby – a week of eating and drinking in Jerez, Spain

Must say, if this article appeared in a hard copy publication, it would be worth ‘pulling out and keeping’ for future reference. Please visit Soliciting Flavours for a week’s run down of tapas eating and sherry drinking in Jerez, Spain Click On over… I absolutely love sherry. Not the insipid rubbish your Nan use to drink (the sweet British or Cypriot stuff that can no longer legally- thanks to the EU – be called sherry), but the proper st… Source: Sherry baby – a week of eating and drinking in Jerez, Spain

Made In Punjab, Malad

TSS editor always delights in the restaurant reviews by food blogger snehanvg on WordPress, so sharing her recently published review of Malad’s Made in Punjab, Northern India The fertile land of five rivers – ‘PUNJAB’ is not just known for it’s Bhangra, Gidda and rich flora and fauna but also for it’s diverse range of culinary treat! Owing … Source: Made In Punjab, Malad

10 reasons why we should give shelf space to Steenbergs Organic

  because Steenbergs is an organic and Fairtrade spice business. and is a friendly firm (family run over sixteen years) who places Fairtrade, the environment, and people at the forefront. Primarily selling spices, as well as loose leaf teas (mainly from Sri Lanka and India), and home baking ingredients to business to trade and retail customers because founders and owners of this North Yorkshire based business, Axel and Sophie Steenberg (The Steenbergs) were the first to be UK licensed to sell spices carrying the Fairtrade Mark, and they continue to add to the range   because Steenbergs Organic is a carbon neutral company and that the business is run out of a purpose built eco-factory in which environmental features have been incorporated such as sun pipes and green energy. The Steenbergs use ‘green’ suppliers wherever possible and their packaging is fully recyclable   because Steenbergs Organic range consists of over 400 spices and spice blends and several carry the Fairtrade Mark. The majority are organic, Steenbergs offer the widest organic range available and the company knows …

Chalkboard Hearts from Asda

  A warm welcome to those in WordPress land who are always ‘creating the spark’ and ‘fanning the flames’ with their inspiring words and poetic contributions. I ask that you be a bit more frivolous today and join in with finishing the famous ‘Roses are Red’ Stanza. I will process one or two of your couplet contributions (that you leave as a comment) onto the images of the Chalkboard Hearts like I’ve done so below. By the way. what a novel gift idea from Asda don’t you think? Packaging has a chalkboard style front made from card and a stick of chalk is included. Chocolate and Verse together for Valentine’s… Sweet ♥

Blogging 101 #4 a Review of the Cooking up a Feast jigsaw puzzle

Trying to get food out of my brain but about to compile this #cookingupafeastpuzzle for my blog 🎂🍮🍴🍓🍨 A post shared by Debra Hall (@picture_personal) on Jan 7, 2016 at 5:08am PST The Artist The Artist in this instance is a photographer. Greg Shepherd is a Devon UK based photographer, who is successful in selling his photographic images commercially because he reproduces them on greetings cards, gift wrapping and gift bags and then sells them. What sets him apart from others making their living this way is the unique approach he takes at times. He will imagine a nostalgic scene of found objects in his mind and then set about sourcing items to build a display, or he’ll put together a thematic setting of sorts; and he’ll then photograph for his own business purposes or for the imaginative use of graphic designers and print specialists employed by his working partners. Nothing demonstrates this more than his work for Ravensburger jigsaws where he takes a collection of objects en masse, just like he has done with …