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Blog Feature : Mask-arade Party Masks

I was in contact recently with Joe Alsop from the original party mask company Mask-arade. Joe is a long established contact of mine from my early blogging activities of 2011 when TSS first reviewed their novelty product The artwork I created today to showcase Mask-arade’s funny dressing-up masks of President Trump and the First Lady will make you smile. I still find it amusing when I see everyday people wearing the faces of celebrities while doing everyday kinda things, I think the artwork conveys the fact. from Debra (Dee) TSS ed. Mask-arade is now part of the Rubie’s Costume Company 1.2 of Disclaimer applies Advertisements

Short Reviews of two ‘Best of British’ Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles

Notably it is Artist, Geoff Tristram who contributes designs for all from the ‘Best of British’ Ravensburger Puzzles. ‘Used Car Lot’ (see images above) is No 18 from this comic style series. The picture to compile, using 1000 quality pieces, is really colourful. The jokes on the signage are so relevant to the stereo typifying of a, shall we say, less than scrupulous Used Car Sales operation. The tongue in cheek humour is all aplenty and doing this puzzle will make any dull day a bit brighter. Click below to read another short review previously published of The Supermarket another from this popular set which is equally amusing Source: Short Review of Best of British – The Supermarket jigsaw puzzle