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Profiling artist Colin Thompson

About Colin Thompson London born, Thompson is an artist, writer and illustrator. After art training and subsequent employment as a graphic designer in the UK, and later, time spent in film making for the BBC., Thompson has enjoyed a full career in the creative industry which has involved living and working abroad. Thompson gained a dual citizenship after moving to Australia in the mid nineties Black and White Thompson’s background in design and print meant that he was always able to create very detailed black & white drawings. In 1990 he wrote his first two children’s books, both were published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1991 as small hardbacks and included thirty or so black and white illustrations. Since then, award winner Thompson has written and illustrated over 70 children’s books which have been published in many countries over the world. Grayscale and Half Tones It was only going to be a matter of time before Thompson would see an opening for him in this latest colouring book for adults craze. Colin Thompson’s Colouring Book (suitable …

Short Reviews of two ‘Best of British’ Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles

Notably it is Artist, Geoff Tristram who contributes designs for all from the ‘Best of British’ Ravensburger Puzzles. ‘Used Car Lot’ (see images above) is No 18 from this comic style series. The picture to compile, using 1000 quality pieces, is really colourful. The jokes on the signage are so relevant to the stereo typifying of a, shall we say, less than scrupulous Used Car Sales operation. The tongue in cheek humour is all aplenty and doing this puzzle will make any dull day a bit brighter. Click below to read another short review previously published of The Supermarket another from this popular set which is equally amusing Source: Short Review of Best of British – The Supermarket jigsaw puzzle

Photography by Greg Shepherd for Ravensburger Puzzles

Greg Shepherd is a Devon UK based photographer who takes shots of various collections of unique items that are theme based. The images he then sells for commercial uses. The image above has been commissioned by Ravensburger and is No 8 from their Perplexing Puzzle range. The puzzle is called ‘Glittering Gemstones’ and, like all from the range, it is a difficult and challenging puzzle to tackle. The product has achieved 100% 5 star awards for published reviews on Amazon Click on the following link to read our full artist profile of Greg when tss reviewed the ‘Cooking up a Feast’ jigsaw in Jan 2016 Source: Blogging 101 #4 a Review of the Cooking up a Feast jigsaw puzzle

Best of British – *Fit 4 Nothing Gym* 500 Piece Puzzle

– it’s not always easy reviewing jigsaw puzzles but this product review has bags of personality and is written by Kay N from Leicestershire UK I can imagine anyone joining ‘Fit 4 Nothing’ would look forward to burning off the calories and then adding a few more before leaving. The opportunity to utilise the cake machine would be a good reason to revisit and you could start the process all over again. An extremely good quality, colourful and highly amusing jigsaw which I very much enjoyed doing. Not just for the visual jokes which are funny in themselves but also the signs and advertisements on the walls and screens. Some of the jokes are obvious but some are very subtle and have to be searched for. Looking for the jokes I find is just as enjoyable as completing the puzzle itself, so the enjoyment and entertainment is twofold. All in all an excellent medium ability puzzle. Review also appears at Ravensburger PC

Santa’s Christmas Party Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 pcs – Product Review

The Artist For over 10 years Roy Trower has been the man who creates those beautifully illustrated scenes which determine the themes for the Christmas Limited Editions jigsaw puzzles by Ravensburger. The artwork involves 2D skills, from sketching out the design to hand painting. Artist, Trower (from Devon UK) uses a mix of water-colours, gouache and pencil colours. His designs do not include computer software manipulation or enhancement The Theme The theme is Santa and equally Mrs Claus (as it is for an advertising campaign running for a certain multinational high street retailer this Christmas #LoveMrsClaus) So we have a hat less Santa in a dance hold with his dear wife and they are gazing lovingly into each others eyes. So it is a romantic setting in snowy world with lantern lights hanging down from the top which creates a warm glow which illuminates all the creatures big and small, the partying elves and the foodie treats. Such a colourful and heartwarming scene The Product Santa’s Christmas Party is a 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Christmas …

Star Wars Silhouette jigsaw – Product review

  Review Submission by Guest Reviewer Cheryl H of Birmingham I received his jigsaw and opened it with expectancy and – gulp – wow it looked like a challenge. Straight away I noticed that my usual technique of starting with the straight edges wasn’t going to work because, well, the straight edges are not, um, straight.  For some this is exciting, for me this presented an even tougher challenge. I started to prepare my specialist jigsaw surface, aka my dining/working/painting table, and the reality of a 70x106cm puzzle began to dawn. This is a very big jigsaw! While there isn’t any straight edges in this jigsaw there is, helpfully, a coloured line around the silhouette which transitioned between shades of blue and purple on its way round.  Without any idea how to commence a jigsaw without straight edges I decided to delve through the 1098 pieces looking for the helpfully coloured edges. The construction began, very, very slowly. With my head in my hands I asked my 9 year old, “What am I going to …

Short Review of Best of British – The Supermarket jigsaw puzzle

This is a good quality jigsaw which was enjoyable to do. Lots of colours and interesting, comical subtle comments, which at times made me laugh out loud, Very clever and very entertaining Short review is by guest reviewer, Kay More about the jigsaw: • A bright, colourful and highly detailed comedy puzzle • Depicts the imaginary “Cheaposave” supermarket, which is full of hilarious surprises! • This is number 15 in this popular and widely-collected series • Created by Midlands-based artist and author Geoff Tristram • High quality 1000pc puzzle. Puzzle measures 69.9 x 49.7cm when complete.

Jigsaw Review Wembley Dreams by Ravensburger

Jigsaw Review Wembley Dreams by Ravensburger By Cheryl Homer 10th May 2016 Now, I like a jigsaw but I usually tackle one a year, in a cottage we visit by the sea, taking up the challenge to beat 1000 tiny pieces within the week’s holiday. Apart from that I don’t usually get the chance so I was excited when Wembley Dreams by Ravensburger arrived.  While I’m not a fan of commercial football but I’m a big fan of children with jumper-goal-posts playing in the park, which is exactly what this delightful picture is. The painting, by Trevor Mitchell, is classed as nostalgic but apart from the style of the clothes, cars, pram and old leather football you could easily enjoy this as a summer weekend today. I scanned the image mentally trying to decipher how hard it was really going to be. It’s a painted image and there’s a good range of colours, and distinct areas, the footballers have individual kits and each flower bed is a different style colours so I knew that’d help. …