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Short Reviews of two ‘Best of British’ Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles

Notably it is Artist, Geoff Tristram who contributes designs for all from the ‘Best of British’ Ravensburger Puzzles. ‘Used Car Lot’ (see images above) is No 18 from this comic style series. The picture to compile, using 1000 quality pieces, is really colourful. The jokes on the signage are so relevant to the stereo typifying of a, shall we say, less than scrupulous Used Car Sales operation. The tongue in cheek humour is all aplenty and doing this puzzle will make any dull day a bit brighter. Click below to read another short review previously published of The Supermarket another from this popular set which is equally amusing Source: Short Review of Best of British – The Supermarket jigsaw puzzle Advertisements

Photography by Greg Shepherd for Ravensburger Puzzles

Greg Shepherd is a Devon UK based photographer who takes shots of various collections of unique items that are theme based. The images he then sells for commercial uses. The image above has been commissioned by Ravensburger and is No 8 from their Perplexing Puzzle range. The puzzle is called ‘Glittering Gemstones’ and, like all from the range, it is a difficult and challenging puzzle to tackle. The product has achieved 100% 5 star awards for published reviews on Amazon Click on the following link to read our full artist profile of Greg when tss reviewed the ‘Cooking up a Feast’ jigsaw in Jan 2016 Source: Blogging 101 #4 a Review of the Cooking up a Feast jigsaw puzzle

Best of British – *Fit 4 Nothing Gym* 500 Piece Puzzle

– it’s not always easy reviewing jigsaw puzzles but this product review has bags of personality and is written by Kay N from Leicestershire UK I can imagine anyone joining ‘Fit 4 Nothing’ would look forward to burning off the calories and then adding a few more before leaving. The opportunity to utilise the cake machine would be a good reason to revisit and you could start the process all over again. An extremely good quality, colourful and highly amusing jigsaw which I very much enjoyed doing. Not just for the visual jokes which are funny in themselves but also the signs and advertisements on the walls and screens. Some of the jokes are obvious but some are very subtle and have to be searched for. Looking for the jokes I find is just as enjoyable as completing the puzzle itself, so the enjoyment and entertainment is twofold. All in all an excellent medium ability puzzle. Review also appears at Ravensburger PC

Craft Book Review – Mini Knitted Ocean by author Sachiyo Ishii

Review of Mini Knitted Ocean is by guest reviewer and novice knitter, Kelly A from Pontyclun I’m a fairly novice knitter, most of my accomplishments come in the form of scarves, so it was really nice to have a go at something different with this book. I love the quality of the book, the various projects within and the quirky theme of the ocean. Whenever I start knitting I always forget how to cast on, so I’d hope I’d find simple instructions inside the book (because the projects are aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced) but there were none so I headed over to youtube for a quick tutorial. I’d opted for a beginner project, the ‘clown fish’, but I wanted to make it spooky (because it’s Halloween!) so I opted for red, black and green wool. Once I’d cast on it didn’t take long for me to gather momentum for the project! I have never really followed a detailed set of knitting instructions before, so it was great to have a reference at the front of the book for all …

Reviews of MY LOVELY BOOK in Vlog formats

Never had vlogs appear at TSS before! Here are two reviews of ‘My LOVELY Book’ by two LOVELY guest contributors The first video post is by Mummy blogger, Becky W from Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK Becky says: We have used ‘My Lovely Book’ as a way to document 2016! From snapshots of our week, making plans for days out, capturing doodles from the monsters as they grow. Throughout this doodle book you can cut and glue, make beautiful pictures, pockets, frames and other charming creations. Use your creativity to make lists, make notes, write poems, short stories, diary entries, keep a calendar and add other things to make it yours. You can draw and colour, write and doodle. This is your book, made by you, for you and any other special people you want to share it with. Have fun! – Buy here:…   The second video post is by Mummy and Lifestyle Blogger, Briony S from Tacolneston, Norfolk UK Briony says It is no secret that I love stationery, LOVE it. It is one of …

Review of subscription boxes from Boxcitement

About Boxcitement Boxcitement is a UK company and a web based business offering a gift buying subscription service, the website meets the needs of this online business perfectly well, it is professionally presented, user friendly, and secure. You can treat yourself regularly to a complete Boxcitement box or arrange to send to someone as a gift, alternatively, you get to keep some of its contents and re gift other items. The theme changes each month and as far as we see there is a surprise element because there is no prior indication as to what themes are up and coming. Contents are bespoke pieces and will generally be a mix of stationery, jewellery, crafty, home accessory, greetings card and gift wrap items Subscription service Buy without subscribing (20 GBP one off box) or Subscribe monthly (18 GBP per month). Save money by purchasing upfront subscriptions for 3 (17 GBP per month) 6 (16 GBP per month) or 12 months (15 GBP per month). The online purchasing experience is relatively straightforward and like most subscriptions, once …

Chalkboard Hearts from Asda

  A warm welcome to those in WordPress land who are always ‘creating the spark’ and ‘fanning the flames’ with their inspiring words and poetic contributions. I ask that you be a bit more frivolous today and join in with finishing the famous ‘Roses are Red’ Stanza. I will process one or two of your couplet contributions (that you leave as a comment) onto the images of the Chalkboard Hearts like I’ve done so below. By the way. what a novel gift idea from Asda don’t you think? Packaging has a chalkboard style front made from card and a stick of chalk is included. Chocolate and Verse together for Valentine’s… Sweet ♥

The Coloring Book Craze

Re: #Blogging101 Day Nine Following Happiness Engineer instructions, I came across the blog The Most Happy. The blog’s author, Lisa, is unknowing that she has taken a BIG part in my assignments of yesterday and today (I’ll message her now to let her now ) In the meantime, please read my comment below as it is self explanatory as to why I the subject caught my eye and then click over to Lisa’s original post about the colouring book fad   I’ve featured the wall decoration sticker book by Johanna Basford on my creative blog before and I liked those a lot. There is no denying that Basford is a an excellent illustrator. As for the colouring books I’m not a fan. Grown ups should swap this activity for simply sitting down and drawing in my view. Just sit down and sketch and doodle that which comes straight out of the imagination, and then maybe add colour to their own designs perhaps. Much more satisfying 🙂 Source: The Coloring Book Craze

3D puzzle by Ravensburger Big Ben (at Night)

Because of the identical technique involved in puzzle compilation it is sometimes difficult to convey anything new, but these 3D models, complete with display stand and LEDs bring a new dynamic to the table the instructions are clear and are in diagrammatic form over 2 pages The puzzle pieces are plastic, and are numbered on the reverse side. Sort pieces into numeric order. 216 pieces to fit together, altogether. Some of the pieces are pre-bent and hinged to obtain the angled structure The main body consists of 132 pieces The stand is square shaped and plastic, with lid made from heavy card and requires the fitting of 3 x AAA/LR03 batteries (not included) The photograph above was taken when the main body shaft was complete and the camera lens is pointing straight down the channel. Note: There are two lighting settings, this image shows the soft white light setting emanating from the base This image taken at the same stage of completion but tester has switched to the fluctuating colour setting. Colours fluctuate from a …