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Franchise Partnering Company FOCUS Brands Inc. and its CINNABON Brand

TSS Business of the Month for October 2016 is @Cinnabon of @FOCUSBRANDS in the US #franchise #business #TSSTIME — TSS NEWS (@TSSComms) October 25, 2016   Since 2014, TSS has profiled many different types of businesses monthly, from relatively small set-ups to corporate giants. Those operating (or with head quarters) in the UK, the US, and in Europe. Most have been trade companies. In fact, the first business ever to feature was the brand of a franchising company, who, like FOCUS Brands, are responsible for the local manufacture, distribution and sale of product in many countries around the world. Whatever your business is get in touch if you would like to be similarly profiled at tssreviews Atlanta-based FOCUS Brands Inc is a franchiser, operator and developer of global multi-channel food service brands. Their strategy: ‘to develop owned and acquired food service brands through a repeatable operating model that leverages the core franchise business into multiple distribution channels, including licensing, consumer products, and ecommerce’ FOCUS Brands have been operating since 2001 and acquired Cinnabon (whose …

Sherry baby – a week of eating and drinking in Jerez, Spain

Must say, if this article appeared in a hard copy publication, it would be worth ‘pulling out and keeping’ for future reference. Please visit Soliciting Flavours for a week’s run down of tapas eating and sherry drinking in Jerez, Spain Click On over… I absolutely love sherry. Not the insipid rubbish your Nan use to drink (the sweet British or Cypriot stuff that can no longer legally- thanks to the EU – be called sherry), but the proper st… Source: Sherry baby – a week of eating and drinking in Jerez, Spain

Made In Punjab, Malad

TSS editor always delights in the restaurant reviews by food blogger snehanvg on WordPress, so sharing her recently published review of Malad’s Made in Punjab, Northern India The fertile land of five rivers – ‘PUNJAB’ is not just known for it’s Bhangra, Gidda and rich flora and fauna but also for it’s diverse range of culinary treat! Owing … Source: Made In Punjab, Malad

Really gets my goat. Turtle Bay Caribbean Social, Cardiff – restaurant review

tssreviews have been intending on reviewing a restaurant from the Turtle Bay chain for a while. Seeing that Soliciting Flavours on WordPress has just published this full review of the Turtle Bay Caribbean Social in Cardiff we’re sharing the information, because it is another engaging read from a favourite restaurant critic from the blogging community. Click on over! Source: Really gets my goat. Turtle Bay Caribbean Social, Cardiff – restaurant review