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Games Inbox: Uncharted 1 review, Super Smash Bros., and Resident Evil Revelations 2

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Join the discussion at gamescentral@ukmetro.co.uk – Read contributors views and reviews on recent new and soon to be released games and consoles – Playstation 4, Super Smash Bros for the WiiU, as well as Uncharted 4, and Activision’s Skylanders: Trap Team ( out soon) and more…

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - has time been kind?

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – has time been kind?

The morning Inbox wonders if Skylanders can outsell Call Of Duty, as one reader tries to explain the sudden survival horror boom.

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Drake’s poor fortune
Given all the talk about Tomb Raider vs. Uncharted 4 last year I thought I’d go back and take a look at the original Uncharted. I’ve owned it for a long time but never got very far as the other games seemed more interesting. And going back to it now I have to say things have not got better. The game’s gun action is pretty awful, with nothing but bullet sponge enemies and a terrible camera.

Now I can understand the graphics looking not as good as they used to, so I won’t criticise that (although they are pretty bad now) but thanks to the camera the platforming’s…

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peanut butter Duerr's lifestyle shot

TSS BUSINESS OF THE MONTH – AUGUST 2014 is DUERR’S – the oldest family owned jam making business in England

About Duerr’s
Duerr’s is an independent manufacturer of jam, marmalade, honey, condiments, mincemeat and other preserves/spreads, as well as peanut butters. The business was founded in Lancashire UK by Fred Duerr in 1881 and has been passed down through five generations of the Duerr family.

Duerr’s jams, marmalades and spreads were produced in an old Manchester factory in Old Trafford; purpose built for jam making. Duerr’s continue to produce food items made from traditional recipes passed down by its family members. The jams and marmalades as an example contain a sugar content of between 62 – 65% per 100g. The process involves boiling to 104 degrees centigrade for around 20 minutes then being transferred into vacuum-sealed jars.

The Place
Duerr’s is now based in Wythenshawe (a Manchester district that is south of the city centre). The peanut butter manufacture is handled in separate premises at the same location. Duerr’s supply products under the Duerr’s label, and under own brand labels for UK food retailers. The business has always been pioneering, advancing and innovative.

Tony, Mark and Richard Duerr

Tony, Mark and Richard Duerr

Duerr’s Board of Directors
Duerrs became a limited company in 1924. The present board of Directors are: Chairman, Tony Duerr OBE (pictured above middle with sons Richard and Mark Duerr) Tony is an ex Managing Director, now retired. Mark is the current Managing Director (pictured right); Richard is Director of Sales and Marketing (pictured left); David Weatherhead is the Director of Finance, and Paul Dineen (pictured left alongside Richard below) is Operations Director.

Duerr's directors in the kitchen

Duerr’s directors in the kitchen

Duerr's employees at Blackpool

from the archive – Duerr’s employees at Blackpool

Duerr’s Employees – Past and Present
Duerr’s is an established employer of Mancunian people. All of the workers from the premises were offered transfers to the Wythenshawe when the old factory closed down. The company invests in training and development; including an apprentice scheme. The black and white photograph below shows Duerr’s staff on a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (nice hats!)

Duerr’s on Facebook and Twitter

Badge Business -of the month

Bravo for no corkage charge at Cafe Brava, Cardiff, but.. – Restaurant Review

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this is the latest restaurant review straight from the blog Soliciting Flavours, Mr SF’s knowledge of wines and beers is extensive. In this post he tells of the extremely high mark up on the price of wine when purchased in a UK restaurant.

Originally posted on Soliciting Flavours:


Café Brava - busy night.

On the basis that Summer (mighty fine as it has been) seemed to have ended come August therefore limiting my chances of firing up the BBQ, Mrs. SF and I decided (before Big Bad Bertha – the storm rather than a or person- arrived) to go out to dinner last weekend.

The spot chosen was Café Brava, which is a much loved “Yummy Mummy” frequented café in the heart of Pontcanna (an uber trendy part of Cardiff ), which of an evening transforms into a compact and bijou bistro.


The rather stellar feature that Café Brava has is a policy of no corkage charge on BYO wine and fizz after 6pm each evening. For a wine lover like me this is, in marketing terms, a killer USP.

One of the down sides of liking a drop of wine is that I am aware of the retail price of…

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Review of the Tahitian Tiare Flower Scented Candle by YANKEE CANDLE

the Good

  • Made by an established North American brand – Yankee Candle Company
  • A well presented household accessory item – large glass jar with a chunky popper topper lid and a colourful, gold trimmed label depicting Tiare flower blooms
  • Tahitian Tiare Flower Yankee Candle has a strong scent. The fragrance is very much that of a Gardenia style perfume
  • The candle smell is floral and thickly sweet and the wax is milky white
  • The Paraffin Wax used is refined. Wicks are all – cotton and the 10mm length should be trimmed and maintained to a 3- 5mm length before lighting
  • Candlelight creates ambiance. For best results allow the wax to pool into a liquid layer

the Bad

  • Burning the candle on a non-heat resistant surface is not recommended
  • Placing the lighted candle in a draft is not advisable
  • A potential safety hazard – keep away from children and pets and never leave unattended while lit

… and the Plain Ugly

  • There is no strict control measures currently in place of which candle producers are required to meet
  • We found there to be no quality control information to view online directly from the Yankee Candle Company
  • Air quality diminishes while the candle is burning
  • When in the proximity of a burning scented candle there will be some exposure to chemical toxins in the atmosphere. The burn is not clean
  • Inhaling soot deposits from burning scented paraffin wax can cause respiratory problems. Note: If smoking occurs, extinguish the candle, trim the wick and remove the trimmings, before relighting
  • The Fragrances and paraffin wax used to make Yankee candles are man-made – there is nothing natural or organic used in their manufacture

Review of Ravensburger Puzzle entitled Happy Days, Blackpool (1000 pieces)

blackpool Ravensburger puzzle
The Artist
The oil paintings by artist, Kevin Walsh have been reproduced on many greetings cards, plates and biscuit tins, and prints as well as jigsaw puzzles. Walsh paints those stone walled, idyllic countryside scenes of people picnicking, walking or playing sports. He depicts British life from an earlier time, childhood days post WWII…and the sun is usually shining … things like the traditional farmyard, seaside towns, the village green, street parties, and he will often include a mechanical/motorized vehicle from the 1950s, sometimes a tram, or a steam engine in its full glory. The historic detailing is expert, as Walsh researches his subject in great depth before he starts a project. The nostalgia in the imagery has earned Walsh wide attraction and appeal for his work and he has established a following of collectors. He has a prestigious list of clients to his name (including Ravensburger) and UK commissions include Harrods and Cadbury.

The Theme
This picture is a wonderful depiction of this famous Lancashire seaside town. The Blackpool Tower features of course, and pleasure beach attractions include a DH Dragon Rapide plane flying high. Trams are lining up at street level, and three donkeys are being led to the beach by a man with a walking stick wearing a flat cap. The cigarette smoking, young man dressed as a Teddy Boy and the woman with the headscarf and the Be Bop dress are showing off 50’s fashion. The seagulls and the people ‘promenading’ give a sense of the place. Happy Days, Blackpool includes that fluffy clouded skyscape that appears in many of Walsh’s designs. Skies are always a challenge for the puzzle enthusiast to correctly find and place those subtle shades of blue, grey and white. The image is not quite as sharp and bright as some digitally enhanced/produced artwork we have seen previously when reviewing Ravensburger jigsaws, this is due to the format and composition of the original; yet it is colourful enough and is in keeping with the theme itself.

The Product
This premium jigsaw consists of 1000 pieces which demonstrate soft click technology, and, as with all puzzles for 12 years to adult, there’s also a leaflet with the artist’s biography and an additional picture inside the box. This jigsaw is rectangular on completion, and measures 69.9 x 49.7 cm approx. Not suitable for children under 36 months (small pieces). RRP £11.99.
The Promoting
There is a range of ‘Happy Days’ themed jigsaws available with artwork by Kevin Walsh. Other Happy places from the collection include Oxford, The Cotswolds, The Lake District, London, York, Weymouth to name a few.
Communication and online selling of this item includes:
This review will also appear at Ravensburger Puzzle club

10 Steps to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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thank you to the Red Website Design for this infographic

Originally posted on Red Website Design Blog:

Are you using LinkedIn to promote yourself and your business? A lot of people still think it’s just for recruitment companies but there are sales opportunities to be had if you put a little effort in.

Take a look at this infographic from Mindflash which gives you 10 steps to follow to set up your LinkedIn profile.

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Review of DENMAN® Hair Smoother Brushes

We are acquainted once again with Denman, a UK brand used by hairdressers worldwide, to tell you about their new Tangle Smoother Hair Brush and the Shower Brush.

Denman Tangle Smoother RRP £10.18 incl VAT

It is standard size hairbrush. Dimensions – Brush Length 215mm, Brush Width: 60mm, in a striking Pink colour. The pins are not nylon, but are made from shiny metal. The pins are smooth ended and strong and are set out in an oval shaped head consisting of 11 rows at its widest point. Designed so that it can glide through the tightest hair tangle and is suitable for any hair style.

But we do recommend this style of hairbrush for those people with long, thick or fine hair, specifically.  Anyone, in fact, with the type of hair that can get really knotty after pillow contact overnight, after washing or swimming, and especially after vigorous towel drying. This brush will do the best job of detangling wet hair that has been ‘dried off’. The metal pins and the cushioned back (air filled) help to smooth hair and static is minimal. The pins feel cool against the head and massage lightly against the scalp; the sensation is quite pleasant.

Remember, when brushing medium to long length hair which is requiring detangling and which happens to be unruly, never start at the scalp and fight your way down in one heavy handed stroke of the hairbrush. This action will damage the hair over time, and cause the ends to weaken and split. Instead grab a section of the hair just above the tangle, allow some slack from the roots and let the brush do the job of detangling in short downward or upward brushing at that level. Only when the job is done and the hair is no longer knotty should you brush stroke with the hairbrush across the whole length of the hair, top to bottom.

Also available in yellow


Tangle Smoother Brushes in Pink and Yellow


Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush RRP £3.50

Is a circular brush with back strap so it sits in the palm of the hand for ease of use. This item, like the Tangle Smoother above, is ideal for teasing out tangles and for massaging the scalp albeit in a wet-to-dry (in-shower) situation only. The moulded nylon pins are quite firm, but soften in warm water and are particularly effective for applying shampoo/conditioner in the shower, and for distributing hair gels, oils, and other styling products etc through the hair, but it is not suitable as a blow drying aid and should not be used with hairdryer.

Available in black and an assortment of bright colours

shower brush (2)

Shower Brush

Both items available to buy online at www.denmanbrush.com