Review of DENMAN® Hair Smoother Brushes

We are acquainted once again with Denman, a UK brand used by hairdressers worldwide, to tell you about their new Tangle Smoother Hair Brush and the Shower Brush.

Denman Tangle Smoother RRP £10.18 incl VAT

It is standard size hairbrush. Dimensions – Brush Length 215mm, Brush Width: 60mm, in a striking Pink colour. The pins are not nylon, but are made from shiny metal. The pins are smooth ended and strong and are set out in an oval shaped head consisting of 11 rows at its widest point. Designed so that it can glide through the tightest hair tangle and is suitable for any hair style.

But we do recommend this style of hairbrush for those people with long, thick or fine hair, specifically.  Anyone, in fact, with the type of hair that can get really knotty after pillow contact overnight, after washing or swimming, and especially after vigorous towel drying. This brush will do the best job of detangling wet hair that has been ‘dried off’. The metal pins and the cushioned back (air filled) help to smooth hair and static is minimal. The pins feel cool against the head and massage lightly against the scalp; the sensation is quite pleasant.

Remember, when brushing medium to long length hair which is requiring detangling and which happens to be unruly, never start at the scalp and fight your way down in one heavy handed stroke of the hairbrush. This action will damage the hair over time, and cause the ends to weaken and split. Instead grab a section of the hair just above the tangle, allow some slack from the roots and let the brush do the job of detangling in short downward or upward brushing at that level. Only when the job is done and the hair is no longer knotty should you brush stroke with the hairbrush across the whole length of the hair, top to bottom.

Also available in yellow


Tangle Smoother Brushes in Pink and Yellow


Denman D6 Brights Be-Bop Shower Brush RRP £3.50

Is a circular brush with back strap so it sits in the palm of the hand for ease of use. This item, like the Tangle Smoother above, is ideal for teasing out tangles and for massaging the scalp albeit in a wet-to-dry (in-shower) situation only. The moulded nylon pins are quite firm, but soften in warm water and are particularly effective for applying shampoo/conditioner in the shower, and for distributing hair gels, oils, and other styling products etc through the hair, but it is not suitable as a blow drying aid and should not be used with hairdryer.

Available in black and an assortment of bright colours

shower brush (2)

Shower Brush

Both items available to buy online at

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SHAKEN UDDER – A review of Milk Shake Products

A decade or so ago, the co-founders of the East Anglian company Shaken Udder identified a gap in the market for fresh milkshakes. Selling exclusively to the festival going community across the country in its infancy; this event based brand has expanded and is now packaged for convenience and is retailing in major UK supermarkets.
The Product
A milk drink made from pasteurized semi-skimmed milk (not organic) with natural ingredients – available in 300 ml sized plastic bottles and 200 ml cartons (with straw), contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives with vitamins (mainly B12), and Calcium. As we know Calcium is a mineral present in cow’s milk so these drinks are a good source. There are three versions of the bottled item Vanilla (Vanillalicious), Chocolate (Chocolush), Banana (Top Banana) see above, and three versions of the carton items Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana – see below. Less than 5% added sugar.
Preservation and storage
The milk used to produce is from British dairies and has undergone the usual pasteurization process that the large majority of milk undergoes in the UK using high temperature, before it is sold to the public or turned into other milk products. The product requires refrigeration; bottles and cartons should be stored between 0 – 4 degrees centigrade – in store and in the home. One trick to use as a packed lunch addition, is to freeze the carton types overnight and to drop into a lunch bag and box in the morning, this will ensure the best quality of the milk is maintained until lunch time and keeps other foodstuffs nicely cool too. Once opened the contents should be refrigerated and consumed within two days. Best before dates should be noted.

TSS says:
Milkshake, in its true sense, is when cool milk is flavoured, artificially or otherwise, and whipped up to incorporate air and served straightaway while it is holding on to that light and bubbly texture. It is shame that science does not allow the freshness of something that has been mixed, blended with other ingredients and whisked to a frenzy be maintained in a packaged product that has a degree of ‘shelf’ life, or, in this case, a ‘chilled cabinet/refrigerator’ life. Shaken Udder Milkshakes are milk drinks plain and simple. Admittedly, they are extremely enjoyable milk drinks, delightfully creamy tasting and not too sweet, but no amount of shaking to awaken the contents of these kinds of packaged drinks before opening will ever match that thrill of sucking fresh milkshake with that mousse like topping through a candy stripe straw served in a soda glass. Nevertheless, this product is altogether a separate thing, and so has its own key selling points that we have identified, and the business continues to sell real, fresh milkshakes of which we speak (with cream, stripey straws, and everything), from the counter of their large trailer at music festivals all over.
Having tasted the packaged range under review, the happy revelation is, we found that the natural content and the fact you serve it ice cold for maximum enjoyment is the difference between this and rival brands. Those who use artificial flavours and other chemicals to make their ‘milkshakes’ for instance, and other brands that use preservatives so that their drink has become a long life product which can be stored and served out of the chiller at room temperature. No, this product is better than all of those, due to containing natural ingredients such as milk chocolate in the Chocolush, and real bananas in the form of a puree in the Top Banana bottled versions.

Note: The company are currently running their first ever on-pack prize promotion. Purchase of special packs showing the competition is required in order to participate. Enter online . Each milkshake pack has a unique code under the date. Simply input your code without any spaces or punctuation.


TSS BUSINESS OF THE MONTH – JULY 2014 is © Dulux Decorator Centre

About Dulux Trade
There is currently a network of 200 Dulux Decorator Centres in the UK open to trade and the public, offering contractors, professional decorators as well as the DIY enthusiast expert advice and service in the field. First class brands such as Dulux and Cuprinol are available in each store, and staff members are trained to be the best, technically, in the industry and to deliver a high standard of customer service. A computerised stock system enables the checking of other local Dulux Decorator Centres for stock availability, as well as an IT Help Desk for troubleshooting those kind of technological hitches that can happen when doing business. When you visit the website, find your local store by scrolling down and entering your postcode in the search box here
Customer Accounts
To make purchases from the any of the Dulux Decorator Centres, Nationwide new customers are required to open an account in the first instance. The application to be an account holder requires the usual personal details, a business name (if applicable), an address for sending out deliveries and statements, an approximation of how much over the course of a year you might spend on paint, plus opportunity to register and link your Nectar business Card. Note: Dulux Decorator Centres are Nectar Businesses, these companies have a social conscience and have demonstrated having a positive impact on their local communities, in this instance the impacting comes from donating paint for community project work countrywide or for having facilities for recycling cans in some stores. Subsequently, as an account holder there is a chance to earn Nectar points, as well as benefit from special promotions and to participate in prize draws.

Tinting Area
Each Dulux Decorator Centre has a tinting area and tinting machine to mix paint by a trained operator who wears safety goggles when utilizing the machine. Trade members can be looking to buy in excess of 10 litres of one colour at any one time, so quantities can be supplied to an exact specification.
Dulux decorator centre
Shop Floor
On the shop floor products are displayed (not just paints but accessories and wallpapers too), sales promotions are run and direct selling to the customer takes place. The centres also provide an excellent after sales service. There are large amounts of both interior and exterior paints available including matt, vinyl, satin and high gloss, paints that are suitable for covering all types of materials including plaster walls, brick, wood, and metal trim. Dulux Trade include the Diamond range.
What is Diamond Technology by Dulux Paints?
Diamond by Dulux is paint that includes a special stain resistant technology, which surpasses the performance of traditional water-based paints. This is largely down to the unique blend of rheology modifiers which improves flow and leveling, and so the inclusion of this technology does increase durability, stain resistance and fast-drying characteristics, the results will be evident with each application. Paint ranges here

The warehouses receive regular deliveries in of stock on pallets, so customers can acquire help to carry and load their purchases to their vehicles directly from the trolley. There is also a customer delivery service in operation from each centre, so if you are busy on a job and logistically it is difficult to down tools and take time out to replenish stock, your delivery can arrive at an agreed pre-arranged time and place. Workers back at the centres are always picking stock from pallets and loading ready for the delivery driver so that he or she is always able to deliver out to the customer on time.


Walls: Dulux Trade Diamond Matt Emulsion – Egyptian Cotton (a beige with a grey tone) Woodwork: Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood – Natural Calico (no undercoating required). Water based


Badge Business -of the month


Turtle Mat’s Interior Door Mats from the Classic Range

These classic cotton tufted door mats by British manufacturer, The Turtle Mat Company is just one range of mats suitable for interior use. Branches of John Lewis across the UK are one of the major retailers currently selling Turtle mats for hard floors, and other multi grip versions suitable for use on hard floor or carpet, view by clicking here

This blog post is dedicated to the reviewing of Turtle Mat 75x100cm (multi-grip) £57.95 in Fawn, this mix of dark brown, cream and beige colour flecks co-ordinate with most types of contemporary flooring especially ceramic floor tiles and carpeting in the home or the workplace. As well as Fawn, the mats are also available in Seal, Sand, Grey, Graphite, Blue, Hazelnut and a new Sage Green colour. Visit the website here for more information.

The wiping surface consists of cotton tufts and these soft fibres are highly absorbent; yet are non-staining (see above). The non-slip backing is NOT made from PVC, but from rubber, which includes raised rubber knobbles arranged in a square patterns that cling and attach to any kind of interior floor, so the mat does not slip under foot or migrate when in situ (see below).

The classic Turtle Mat comes with a five year guarantee. The short-cut arrangement of the cotton threads is like so to attract the kind of dust, grit and walked in from the outside. We found the mat tended to shed a bit when new, nevertheless, the beauty with this mat is that it can be machine washed and it will continue to look its very best if cleaned regularly. It is softly pliable and so this large door mat size will fit easily into a standard, front loading domestic washing machine.

Washing instructions:

  • Machine Wash at 40 degrees centigrade
  • Tumble Dry
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Use Fabric Conditioner
  • Do Not Iron002
Heart in the Hood - by  Peggy Sirk

Cape Cod – Doormats by Turtle Mat

Cape Cod

New England’s colonial past is hugely reflected in its architecture and furniture, and this, plus its maritime background gives the place a particular cultural identity which sets it apart from the rest of the country. Cape Cod is the part of Massachusetts in the US which juts into the Atlantic at its easternmost position.


The Product

The Cape Cod Turtle Mat is an all weather doormat which tips its hat to cord/rope weaving methods synonymous to North America’s Marine States particularly. The Turtle Mat Company (Turtle Mat) are now selling these specially designed mats that are famous in the US, exclusively in the UK.


The cord used to weave this mat, is made from a durable man-made material (Polypropylene). The material will not break down in the way natural fibre does; and it is waterproof. The special weave provides a wiping surface that is non slippery and which traps dirt. Figure 1 below shows how tight the gaps are between the weave.

figure 1

figure 1


Maintaining the Cape Cod Turtle mat is easy, just wash down with a hose or scrub with a soap filled brush and rinse. There is no top or bottom so you can flip the mat over and use either side.



Available in three colours: Cape Cod Evergreen (as shown), Cape Cod Coffee and Cape Cod Black – these are colours which can cleverly merge the outdoors with the indoors. The colours will not fade in strong sunlight.


45cm x 75xcm £39.95


Turtle Mat’s give a five year guarantee

TSS Says

The Cape Cod Turtle Mat can withstand the heaviest of use, and can be high performing in all weathers when in situ. There is something quite clean and linear about these mats, both practically and aesthetically speaking. The material will not shrink, the Cape Cod Turtle mat will not fall out of shape and the corners will not curl. It is not new to use synthetic materials in doormat manufacture, but in the UK we have favoured Coir (a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut) for a long time now. Environmentally, a better option, but you could be buying in excess of three Coir mats to one Cape Cod Turtle Mat. The cordage and the way it is woven provides a pleasing, uniformed pattern arrangement, the chunky style adds colour and character that will compliment any kind of outdoor space and decor.







Note: Featured Image is called Heart in the Hood by Peggy Sirk

4 Ways to Get More Repins on Pinterest

debra hall:

Four ways to get more repins on Pinterest

Originally posted on Red Website Design Blog:

For those who don’t know Pinterest is a social media network based around the sharing of images. Your images (pins) get posted into your followers timelines and if they like them they can add them to their own timeline (Repin).

The infographic below from HubSpot shows you how the words you use to describe your pins, the length of your description and your image height affects how many repins you get.

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Crimbles cookie (1)

Single Pack Gluten Free Oat Cookies by Mrs Crimble’s – Product Review

New Gluten Free Oat Cookies by Mrs Crimble’s are:

Cranberry & Almond Oat Cookie, Guide price RRP £1.49 - Mrs Crimble's

Cranberry & Almond Oat Cookie 60g RRP 1.49
Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie, Guide price RRP £1.49 - Mrs Crimble's
Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie 60g RRP 1.49

Question: Is there Gluten in Oats?
Bearing in mind these are Oat cookies under review; it is often queried whether or not Oat actually contains Gluten. Our research has verified that Oat does not contain Gluten and can be ingested by most who follow a Gluten-Free diet for health reasons. People can be sensitive in different ways to eating Oats however, the same as they can to Gluten containing grains like Wheat, Barley and Rye. For anyone who might experience discomfort in the GI tract when digesting grains, it may simply be down to the increased fibre intake as this can cause internal irritation for some. Oats can be ingested harmlessly by a high percentage of Coeliac patients but there must be guarantees before one does that there has been no contamination by Wheat, Rye or Barley at source. Mrs Crimble’s highlight Oats, Soya and Milk as allergens on the cookie’s packaging, and warn too that they may contain Egg, and Nuts, but there is nothing on the pack, nor any in depth Q&A information on the website that is immediately obvious about grain source and manufacture, and, as far as we are able to establish, the company is not mentioned under the heading ‘Gluten Free Products and Services’ at Coeliac UK online, why this is? We do not know. The company will be much better placed than we are to handle further questioning in this regard – contact them here with any queries you might have.

The Brand
This Gluten-free brand, Mrs Crimble’s, started up over 30 years ago, but recently you will have seen much shelf space dedicated to their ever increasing Gluten-free bakery products, in all major supermarkets as well as farm shops, health stores and delicatessens. Mrs Crimble’s can also be found in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Mrs Crimbles (2)

The Cookies
It has always been difficult for people to find individual Gluten-Free cookies and cake portions when they are out and about. These single pack cookies are now widely available, perhaps not in the one pack format in the retailing outlets mentioned in the paragraph above, but more in places like Railway stations, Motorway services, so you are able to purchase in these kinds of drop-in outlets and pack away in your bag or pocket to enjoy with your coffee later on. We found both cookies to be chunky and firm and that they snapped and crumbled like a perfectly baked biscuit (cookie) should. You are able to catch any crumbs you drop straight into the bag. This is also a very hygienic way to sell a cookie actually, so for this reason, and others we mention, we think the single individually wrapped packs are ace. Yet these cookies are not just for the Gluten-free consumer they join the ranks as another choice for the mainstream snack hunter. They are satisfying to eat, and they do stave off hunger pangs for a long time because of the slow energy release of the oats. The dried cranberries in the Cranberry and Almond cookie provides a soft, chewy texture and the chocolate pieces in the Double Chocolate Cookie are creamy tasting. These cookies are not premium or quite as gorgeous as an artisan made cookie might be, but they are not dry and bland either, and can match many chunky style pre-packed cookies and biscuits out there for price, taste and convenience.

Mrs Crimble’s have an online shop through their website