Turtle Mat’s Interior Door Mats from the Classic Range

These classic cotton tufted door mats by British manufacturer, The Turtle Mat Company is just one range of mats suitable for interior use. Branches of John Lewis across the UK are one of the major retailers currently selling Turtle mats for hard floors, and other multi grip versions suitable for use on hard floor or carpet, view by clicking here

This blog post is dedicated to the reviewing of Turtle Mat 75x100cm (multi-grip) £57.95 in Fawn, this mix of dark brown, cream and beige colour flecks co-ordinate with most types of contemporary flooring especially ceramic floor tiles and carpeting in the home or the workplace. As well as Fawn, the mats are also available in Seal, Sand, Grey, Graphite, Blue, Hazelnut and a new Sage Green colour. Visit the website here for more information.

The wiping surface consists of cotton tufts and these soft fibres are highly absorbent; yet are non-staining (see above). The non-slip backing is NOT made from PVC, but from rubber, which includes raised rubber knobbles arranged in a square patterns that cling and attach to any kind of interior floor, so the mat does not slip under foot or migrate when in situ (see below).

The classic Turtle Mat comes with a five year guarantee. The short-cut arrangement of the cotton threads is like so to attract the kind of dust, grit and walked in from the outside. We found the mat tended to shed a bit when new, nevertheless, the beauty with this mat is that it can be machine washed and it will continue to look its very best if cleaned regularly. It is softly pliable and so this large door mat size will fit easily into a standard, front loading domestic washing machine.

Washing instructions:

  • Machine Wash at 40 degrees centigrade
  • Tumble Dry
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Use Fabric Conditioner
  • Do Not Iron002
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Heart in the Hood - by  Peggy Sirk

Cape Cod – Doormats by Turtle Mat

Cape Cod

New England’s colonial past is hugely reflected in its architecture and furniture, and this, plus its maritime background gives the place a particular cultural identity which sets it apart from the rest of the country. Cape Cod is the part of Massachusetts in the US which juts into the Atlantic at its easternmost position.


The Product

The Cape Cod Turtle Mat is an all weather doormat which tips its hat to cord/rope weaving methods synonymous to North America’s Marine States particularly. The Turtle Mat Company (Turtle Mat) are now selling these specially designed mats that are famous in the US, exclusively in the UK.


The cord used to weave this mat, is made from a durable man-made material (Polypropylene). The material will not break down in the way natural fibre does; and it is waterproof. The special weave provides a wiping surface that is non slippery and which traps dirt. Figure 1 below shows how tight the gaps are between the weave.

figure 1

figure 1


Maintaining the Cape Cod Turtle mat is easy, just wash down with a hose or scrub with a soap filled brush and rinse. There is no top or bottom so you can flip the mat over and use either side.



Available in three colours: Cape Cod Evergreen (as shown), Cape Cod Coffee and Cape Cod Black – these are colours which can cleverly merge the outdoors with the indoors. The colours will not fade in strong sunlight.


45cm x 75xcm £39.95


Turtle Mat’s give a five year guarantee

TSS Says

The Cape Cod Turtle Mat can withstand the heaviest of use, and can be high performing in all weathers when in situ. There is something quite clean and linear about these mats, both practically and aesthetically speaking. The material will not shrink, the Cape Cod Turtle mat will not fall out of shape and the corners will not curl. It is not new to use synthetic materials in doormat manufacture, but in the UK we have favoured Coir (a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut) for a long time now. Environmentally, a better option, but you could be buying in excess of three Coir mats to one Cape Cod Turtle Mat. The cordage and the way it is woven provides a pleasing, uniformed pattern arrangement, the chunky style adds colour and character that will compliment any kind of outdoor space and decor.







Note: Featured Image is called Heart in the Hood by Peggy Sirk

4 Ways to Get More Repins on Pinterest

debra hall:

Four ways to get more repins on Pinterest

Originally posted on Red Website Design Blog:

For those who don’t know Pinterest is a social media network based around the sharing of images. Your images (pins) get posted into your followers timelines and if they like them they can add them to their own timeline (Repin).

The infographic below from HubSpot shows you how the words you use to describe your pins, the length of your description and your image height affects how many repins you get.

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Crimbles cookie (1)

Single Pack Gluten Free Oat Cookies by Mrs Crimble’s – Product Review

New Gluten Free Oat Cookies by Mrs Crimble’s are:

Cranberry & Almond Oat Cookie, Guide price RRP £1.49 - Mrs Crimble's

Cranberry & Almond Oat Cookie 60g RRP 1.49
Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie, Guide price RRP £1.49 - Mrs Crimble's
Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie 60g RRP 1.49

Question: Is there Gluten in Oats?
Bearing in mind these are Oat cookies under review; it is often queried whether or not Oat actually contains Gluten. Our research has verified that Oat does not contain Gluten and can be ingested by most who follow a Gluten-Free diet for health reasons. People can be sensitive in different ways to eating Oats however, the same as they can to Gluten containing grains like Wheat, Barley and Rye. For anyone who might experience discomfort in the GI tract when digesting grains, it may simply be down to the increased fibre intake as this can cause internal irritation for some. Oats can be ingested harmlessly by a high percentage of Coeliac patients but there must be guarantees before one does that there has been no contamination by Wheat, Rye or Barley at source. Mrs Crimble’s highlight Oats, Soya and Milk as allergens on the cookie’s packaging, and warn too that they may contain Egg, and Nuts, but there is nothing on the pack, nor any in depth Q&A information on the website that is immediately obvious about grain source and manufacture, and, as far as we are able to establish, the company is not mentioned under the heading ‘Gluten Free Products and Services’ at Coeliac UK online, why this is? We do not know. The company will be much better placed than we are to handle further questioning in this regard – contact them here with any queries you might have.

The Brand
This Gluten-free brand, Mrs Crimble’s, started up over 30 years ago, but recently you will have seen much shelf space dedicated to their ever increasing Gluten-free bakery products, in all major supermarkets as well as farm shops, health stores and delicatessens. Mrs Crimble’s can also be found in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Mrs Crimbles (2)

The Cookies
It has always been difficult for people to find individual Gluten-Free cookies and cake portions when they are out and about. These single pack cookies are now widely available, perhaps not in the one pack format in the retailing outlets mentioned in the paragraph above, but more in places like Railway stations, Motorway services, so you are able to purchase in these kinds of drop-in outlets and pack away in your bag or pocket to enjoy with your coffee later on. We found both cookies to be chunky and firm and that they snapped and crumbled like a perfectly baked biscuit (cookie) should. You are able to catch any crumbs you drop straight into the bag. This is also a very hygienic way to sell a cookie actually, so for this reason, and others we mention, we think the single individually wrapped packs are ace. Yet these cookies are not just for the Gluten-free consumer they join the ranks as another choice for the mainstream snack hunter. They are satisfying to eat, and they do stave off hunger pangs for a long time because of the slow energy release of the oats. The dried cranberries in the Cranberry and Almond cookie provides a soft, chewy texture and the chocolate pieces in the Double Chocolate Cookie are creamy tasting. These cookies are not premium or quite as gorgeous as an artisan made cookie might be, but they are not dry and bland either, and can match many chunky style pre-packed cookies and biscuits out there for price, taste and convenience.

Mrs Crimble’s have an online shop through their website www.mrscrimbles.com

008 copy

Blog Feature – Batiste Hair Products

Batiste products
We’ve invited Marketing Officer, Katie H from Derbyshire to guest blog about Batiste hair products. Katie currently works in education, she tells us she is new to the world of blogging. She is excited to be writing about things that matter, hair products and the sorts!

Katie says this about Batiste and what the products means to her:
‘Batiste Dry Shampoo has been there with me through the highs and lows; late nights, early shifts and trying to disguise the fact I’ve gone straight from one to the other. Batiste, you have been a life-saver product for me and so many other disorganised, yet fabulous, girls.

When TSS Reviews asked me to guest blog about this dry shampoo range I jumped at the opportunity to rave about one of my favourite products. Unfortunately I’m not brave enough to leave my hair unwashed to test how hardcore this product can be, however I have come to the conclusion that Batiste products should be used as your new favourite styling spray, and here’s why…

I’ve always had fine hair and hairstyles and updos notoriously do not stand the test of time. Batiste Dry Shampoo is one of the best volumising products I’ve tried, resulting in making me an expert in creating bouncy hair in seconds.

Batiste Dry Shampoo boosts volume, assists backcombing, subtly holds styles without feeling like you have hair caked in products, separates curls, absorbs oil and refreshes your look – what more do can you ask for in a product which retails at £2.99!

What it says on the tin
Batiste Dry Shampoo should be used in between washes in order to remove excess grease and leave your hair feeling clean and fresh with added body and texture.

If it’s good enough for Pixie

Pixie Lott has been announced as the new official face of Batiste for their 2014 campaign. Batiste’s latest television advert has left girls across the country inspired to create different looks, from red carpet glam to textured and messy styles.
Katie Batiste shot

Batiste isn’t just for festivals

Batiste products are great to use on the go – I always have a can in the bag or car, to me it seems just as essential as carrying deodorant or lip balm. I usually use the products after the gym or a long commute; it’s like perfume for your hair! My favourite is the Tropical fragrance – a fresh and coconut fragrance which I can’t get enough of this summer. Pixie Lott’s Fun & Floral spray smells equally lovely, reminding me of being in a hair salon. If you have forgotten to wash your hair, I’m pretty sure this secret will stay between you and Pixie.’

TSS Says: one thing that struck us when we read Katie’s feedback about Batiste products is that she does not use the Batiste shampoos as a form of ‘washing’ her hair generally, but more to style, freshen and to add texture to her long locks. The photograph above was taken after Katie had sprayed her hair with Batiste Pixie Lott Dry Shampoo all over (and underneath) to achieve even application, Katie massaged the product through her hair with her fingertips and then posed for the shot. Thanks Katie! Come back again soon!


Pink Grapefruit Scented Candle and Pink Grapefruit Room Fragrance Spray – by Sandy Bay London

It has proven to be the case that manufacturers and sellers of scented candle products have enjoyed much more than just a brief phase of popularity.

Sandy Bay London’s candles, as are a high percentage of other fragrance enhanced candles selling on the luxury market, are made from paraffin wax; not beeswax, or soy wax. The company’s high end candles and other home fragrance collections, to a large degree, have a hand crafted quality in terms of their manufacture and the product styling is splendid. The marketing strategies deployed have proved highly innovative in reaching target audience.

Whatever reservations you might have about burning paraffin wax candles, know that Sandy Bay London’s products are not cheaply put together or mass produced. Owner, Sandy Burns, is unabashed when it comes to talking about her choice of materials. She says the fragrances are premium and are well mixed and that the candle wicks are 100% cotton. Sandy also tells us she has been working with home shopping channel QVC UK and makes this statement about the subject of Quality Assurance and how important it is when it comes to working closely with such companies
Quality Assurance to the customer is paramount and we go through the strictest of Q & A to pass their required standards. This ensures that the customer receives a quality and trusted product when they purchase.
Under review:
Pink Grapefruit Candle 30cl (burning time 40 hrs) £25.00
and Room Spritzer 50ml

The candle is hand poured wax and fills a chunky, white glass container. The Spritzer is liquid room fragrance in a small, slender glass bottle with a pump spray. The fragrance of Pink Grapefruit and Orange plus an additional floral bouquet is immediately evident when lighted, or sprayed, whatever the case may be.

TSS Says: we have found that reviewing anything which involves the perfume industry in ordinary, straightforward terms can dim down the glamour that surrounds the world of designer luxury somewhat. Perfume/scents used in the manufacture of anything perfumed from aftershave, to soap, to room fragrances etc. are largely chemically produced in modern day labs or perfumeries and can contain animal extracts, as well as plant extracts. Our product reviews are, purposely, not deeply academic, so please direct any queries you have to the business in regard to product manufacture. Contact details here

What we do know is that the essential oil ylang ylang is present in all Sandy Bay Scented Candles and that no dyes are used. However, the room Spritzer contains chemicals which include Limonene. Limonene is a chemical compound used widely in cosmetic and cleaning products manufacture – the warnings are on the label in regard to possible allergic reaction if inhaled etc. Likewise, safety information is included on the base of all the candle products.


The overall presentation of both items under review is very pleasing; they are feminine and sophisticated by design. We love the large, glass tumbler like container and how neatly and expertly filled it is. The floral fragrances present in this candle, as all the Sandy Bay candles in fact, really does add an extravagant feel to the home when burning, and the candle in its container enhances the mantel piece or the table top when positioned as an item of internal décor too (even when unlighted).

Sandy Bay London is a business we have trumpeted about in the past. Having put other candles to trial from the range previously we now know that all the products carry a kind of signature, and to achieve that recognition each time, for every differing item, is the mark of a good company. Even when the fragrances are different, there is an identifiable fragrant waft which accompanies all expulsions produced. The burn of the candle is not a fierce one, (even when we forgot to trim the wick before use each time when trialing over a few days), and the overriding fragrance is definitely Grapefruit, as it is with the spray too. The room spray is high in performance when you compare it with like for like products, but it is potent so ensure it is dispensed within a large, airy room or an indoor area that is quite open. The presentation, of both items, is a triumph and includes gift bags, lots of ribbon and tissue paper – unashamed luxury, all in all, and that is what we love about Sandy Bay London!

SB 1

Woman in Mind Laura Dale (Lucy) Meg Fraser (Susan) (2)

Stage Review – Woman in Mind

Susan is resentful of how life has turned out for her and is short on patience with her family members. She feels alone in her small world and so she is living an imaginary life alongside the real one. In this other life she is adored by her glossy family made up of beautiful people. She is attached to her make believe family and not detached as she is to her own; in her imagination she has made their lives interesting to her, and so she is interested in them, and she cares how they view her. Sadly, in true life, she is completely disinterested in husband, Gerald, particularly in regard to his book writing, and she has absolutely no time for her sister-in-law, Muriel and in hearing or sharing her problems.


Andrew Wincott (Andy) and Meg Fraser (Susan)

Woman in Mind (Andrew Wincott)- Andy and (Meg Fraser) Susan

In other words she has made her fake world to be quite the opposite in all respects; in this world her ordinary garden space has been transformed to having views of a distant lake, with tennis courts situated to the left and a swimming pool to the right. ‘Brother’ Tony hands her champagne to drink whatever the time of day, and her pretend husband, the suavely Andy, is a fantastic cook and is tentative to her femininity and her fragility. In this world she has a doting grown-up daughter called, Lucy, where the reality of life, and the most tragic thing, is that Susan has been estranged from her only child, her son, Rick, in recent years. This is the root of her unhappiness.


The works of others came into my consciousness during the performance, and with the exception of Henrik Ibsen, I found it interesting that it is work that came about after Woman in Mind premiered back in 1985. The three strong comparisons I will mention will do the work best at describing the nitty gritty, nuts ’n’ bolts of what this Aychbourn play is all about.


Firstly, there are elements of the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (based on the true life of John Knox) a man who lived inside his hallucinations for most of his life and who tried hard to ignore them as he grew older. Susan loves having her dream people around her at the beginning, but when they begin to betray her, she is bewildered and insecure and later she is desperate for them to go away…then the madness runs riot.


Andrew Wincott (Andy) and Meg Fraser (Susan)

Andrew Wincott (Andy) and Meg Fraser (Susan)

I mentioned Ibsen, because his Nora character from his famous play ‘A Doll’s House’, is like Susan, in that she is deliberately confined to a homely setting meant to symbolise her constrained position.  Susan never leaves the stage throughout the whole performance, where all other characters frequently make their entrances on stage and their exits off. She is outside day and night and in all weathers, I could almost feel her isolation.


Lastly, a tenuous link admittedly, but  Susan, when in her manic state, reminded me so much of Edina from TV’s Absolutely Fabulous, she has that ‘Hello sweetie’, champagne supping, immaturity and abandonment about her, and when she’s bored, boy we know she’s bored! Aychbourn never misses a chance to make the most of the comedy threads he has freed up for himself.


Laura Dale ( Lucy) Meg Fraser (Susan) and Neil McKinven (Bill)

Laura Dale ( Lucy) Meg Fraser (Susan) and Neil McKinven (Bill)

Susan is under the medical supervision of the family Doctor, Bill, but Bill is also part of her confused state. The script provides delicate treatment and sensitive exploration of a disturbed and mixed up mind, yet cleverly manages to keep the laughs on a level so that it does not turn into something uncomfortable to witness.


Cast List

SUSAN (Meg Fraser)

BILL (Neil McKinven)

LUCY (Laura Dale)

TONY (Ncuti Gatwa)

ANDY (Andrew Wincott)

GERALD (Richard Conlon)

MURIEL (Irene MacDougall)

RICK (Scott Hoatson)

Reviewer, Debra Hall attended the press night showing of Woman In Mind at The Birmingham Repertory Theatre on Tuesday 17 June. Review is also published here