Salted Caramel Milk by Shaken Udder

Being a previous TSS Business of the Month See here it makes us happy to continually keep our TSS readers abreast of Shaken Udder news and of the festival trailer unit’s whereabouts during festival season (two September dates remain) Also, and the real point to this post, is the fact there’s a new flavour edition to the Shaken Udder family, one of a growing range of flavoured milk drinks in bottles/cartons available from major UK supermarkets and online, and not just selling from the milkshake trailer at events

Moo copy

TSS Says This new milk, is a salted caramel blend, and it is, simply, grown-up delicious. Caramelization is the science around that which occurs when you heat up sugar. To avoid using sugar, and to choose, instead, to use something artificial to achieve a caramel flavour would be a wrongful choice (ed’s view). As there is much interest and discussion about the high levels of sugar in food and drink, it is a debate we are never going to ignore when reviewing foodstuffs. So, while acknowledging there is a bold use of golden caster sugar in this new recipe, and this is why this new drink has such a rich sweetness to it, we also believe it is perfectly right that Shaken Udder continually flavour their milk products using only natural ingredients




Wood Effect Multi-use Ceramic Tiles by commercial business British Ceramic Tile (BCT)

beige slidedark brown slidewhite slide

TSS Says: really wanting to talk about these high end tiles on the blog, so no excuse was needed to make these beautiful wood effect ceramics TSS Product of the Month for August. Having Dark Grey versions to hand and seeing the early stages of their installation on a bathroom wall, we really have been bowled over by them! The wood effect adds a mix of rustic charm and character, but also the finish is extremely contemporary. The website (with Look Book, details of whole collections, a tile finder facility, tiling tips and where to buy feature) is very slow to respond when trying to navigate around it and when defining searches, so singled out here are the ceramic tiles with Wood Effect finishes from the HD range. A range which is created using the very latest high definition inkjet technology Note: Tiles from this range are not square but are rectangular in shape.

If you are interested in knowing more about the commercial side of the BCT business and its operations see its profile here


Profiling filmmaker Brendan Modini

Brendan profile
Media Production Professional Brendan Modini

About Brendan Modini

Shortly after graduating in 2014 Modini travelled to Kenya to work with others as part of a scheme to write and direct his first documentary called Slum Dreams. Modini saw the rest of the year out by travelling around, visiting many countries in an effort to be challenged and inspired by his experiences and to use them to channel his thoughts and thinking in a kind of free minded form of curatorial practice. Gathered content includes the 2015 – Show Reel (see below); the video clips document life at home in Sydney, Australia and of being abroad. Watch it and then pitch Modini as being one who is able to channel his intelligent self expression in his film making

1. a 2015 Show Reel


The following is an example of Modini’s versatility, and it reveals that he has aptitude for putting together content which not only has the best kind of comic pacing, but is visually elegant. For his writing, directing and editing Modini achieved not one, but two, Best Comedy festival awards in this short film where he explores the uneasiness many people have about discussing the subject of organ donation by humorously addressing a serious message in the kitsch style format of the Soap Opera

2. an award winning short film entitled ‘The Vile and the Virtuous’


Brendan Modini has been working as a freelancer to date, if you have enjoyed watching the short films and if you would like to know more about Modini professionally and his interests click  LinkedIn

British Ceramic Tile Ltd (BCT) is Business of the Month for August 2015

Ready to go that extra mile for their trade and industry leading customers within the world of building and design and supply chain functionality is British Ceramic Tile Ltd (BCT)

Lee Moor, Dartmoor - Image source:
Lee Moor, Dartmoor – Image source:


Image source: THAMES AND FIELD
Image source: THAMES AND FIELD

The extraction of naturally occurring clay from the area of Dartmoor (pictured above) has been happening for a century and a half, and has been the raw material used for tile manufacture  in the factories (both old and new),  based at Heathfield, Devon.

It was founder, Frank Candy’s, Candy & Co of Great Western Potteries, Newton Abbot, who occupied the Heathfield site initially. Candy & Co manufactured drain pipes, chimney pots, wall tiles, and  ornamental bricks (pictured left)  and in an ideal South Devon location being so close to extensive white clay reserves.

J Howard Fox then purchased the company from Frank Candy in 1880, and by the turn of last century Candy tiles (marketed as ‘Devon Tiles’) were gracing many a suburban building. Decoratively glazed and fired ceramic tiles appeared in porches and kitchens and around fireplaces, and later domestic wares, ornaments and art pottery pieces were being manufactured under the name Wescontree Ware.

In 1936 Wescontree Ware was changed to Candy Ware, and by 1950 Candy Ware ceased manufacture of the Art Pottery. Post WWII however, there was strong demand in Britain and Northern Europe for tiles for kitchen and bathrooms and so the company enjoyed a period of sustained growth. Despite this, the Candy Tiles business went into decline from the 1970s onward because up to 80% of tile products were being imported from abroad; from Italy, Spain, and, later, from China. Candy Tiles were still producing until the 1990s, operating in tough economy. After receivership, the business was sold and then sold again and BCT bought the business in 1998. The site at Heathfield has since been cleared and a new state of the art tile factory works, shop, and design studio built.




In recent years and because of being so uniquely placed to supply tiles the company are able to meet the diverse needs of their customers effectively. The manufacturing plant has received huge investment because BCT continues to source raw materials locally, and the heat and rainwater/waste water connected to the production is recycled/reused. Carbon emissions are being reduced across the whole operation. More details of Environmental Policy detailed online.




From 2012 the company has re-positioned itself. Changes have resulted in a reduced workforce, largely because of the production of high-end tile products using HD (inkjet) technology and a reduction in output of commodity tiles. These days it is the product and innovative design that is paramount and the key to ongoing success. In-house ‘designers and technicians translate current trends and technological advances into commercial and production efficient tile ranges which includes Ted Baker and Laura Ashley.

There is much web based information available, PROJECT is a brand for the commercial market specifically and are grouped into five key market sectors to simplify the specification process, so a place for architects, specifiers, builders and interior designers particularly. To  the company’s The House of British Ceramic Tile website which allows access to product and company information and includes a tile finder which enables a defined search across the tile ranges and where you can also carry out a search to find your nearest stockist/retailer.

house of


The Hub is sales and marketing arm of the business based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. Also housed at this  Northern base is a new product gallery designed to showcase BCT’s unique products and services. The company’s distribution centre is in Cullompton, South Devon.

tiled bathroom

TSS says

BCT now claims around a quarter share of the UK’s tile market and it is a pleasure for TSS to profile yet another business with such a strong British heritage and with a  future that looks really bright.

Flirty Dancing books by Jenny McLachlan

debra hall:

Happy publishing day to author, Jenny McLachlan, for SUNKISSED
SUNKISSED is the kind of book a young person can ‘Jump into and dream for a bit’. Read the review, and for Love Bomb, two titles from the popular Flirty Dancing series

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love-bomb-500ISBN 978-1-4088-5609-3


Author – Jenny McLachlan

Published by Bloomsbury in Paperback –

Release date 12 March 2015

RRP £6.99

A Children’s Fictional Book – for 12 + years

Overview: Betty’s mother had died when she was an infant, but never more did teenager, Betty, long for the kind of guiding hand and the voice of reason that only a mother’s love can offer. And when it comes to her playing the dating game and dealing with life’s mini dramas, well, who is there to turn to for support? Her father isn’t much help, and she, at times, finds him plain embarrassing anyway, and her relationship with him is strained as he has a new girlfriend. But in an old Quality Street tin Betty finds some letters to ‘Dear Plumface‘ written especially for her, by her late mother (Mumface) to help her deal with the…

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Featuring Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles with designs by artist Aimee Stewart

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Fairytale Fantasia and the NEW Glorious Vintage – two Ravensburger puzzles featuring the artwork of Artist, Aimee Stewart

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The Artist
We admire the work of self taught, photo manipulation artist, Aimee Stewart. Stewart uses digital painting and photo image editing techniques to produce imaginative designs. The artwork used to produce these puzzles is detailed and colourful. The colours are rich, bold and bright, and the composition of her artwork is striking because of this. Stewart’s style and what she can achieve artistically fits the Ravensburger brand very well.

Fairytale Fantasia

Tiny little magical creatures and characters from a fantasy/fairy tale world, hence the puzzle title, sit around large books on four rows of book shelves which are topped with a mystical night sky. Among the Antiquarian bound books with titles written on the book spines, many with cursive writing, there are worldly wonders from land, sea and sky featuring. These will slowly be revealed as you piece together the jigsaw. The theme is an enchanted, mythical version of…

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Featuring Two jigsaw puzzles from the Happy Days Seaside range at Ravensburger

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Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles for adults
Happy Days, Blackpool
Happy Days, Tenby
Both are original paintings by artist, Kevin Walsh adapted into a puzzle format

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blackpool Ravensburger puzzle
happy days tenby
The Artist
The oil paintings by artist, Kevin Walsh have been reproduced on many greetings cards, plates and biscuit tins, and prints as well as jigsaw puzzles. Walsh paints those stone walled, idyllic countryside scenes of people picnicking, walking or playing sports. He depicts British life from an earlier time, childhood days post WWII…and the sun is usually shining … things like the traditional farmyard, seaside towns, the village green, street parties, and he will often include a mechanical/motorized vehicle from the 1950s, sometimes a tram, or a steam engine in its full glory. The historic detailing is expert, as Walsh researches his subject in great depth before he starts a project. The nostalgia in the imagery has earned Walsh wide attraction and appeal for his work and he has established a following of collectors. He has a prestigious list of clients to his name (including Ravensburger) and UK commissions…

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Athena’s First Camping Experience

Read about little Athena’s first overnight camping experience in Eastern Canada. Bucket List Publications on WordPress features the Fundy National Parks’s oTENTik experience.
Athena's First Camping Experience.

Featuring Ten Exhibitors from this year’s Festival of Quilts Show, NEC, Birmingham UK

Upper Street Events are organisers of Europe’s leading patchwork and quilting show at the NEC, Birmingham UK – The Festival of Quilts 2015.


Featuring just ten carefully chosen exhibitors that myself (tss editor, Debra Hall) and my two expert sewing friends engaged with on the day. In fact, never underestimate the effectiveness of the blogger in a press role, online communications such as this one can be more far reaching than anything appearing in hard copy print!

If you are a business or individual interested in stocking or purchasing anything from those listed below, then get in touch directly the links are there, I am sure the owners will be very happy to receive your enquiry. Comments are welcomed from anyone featured who may feel inclined to offer more detail about there business or craft.

And my apologies to those with stalls from the front side because due to time constraints was unable to get around to all of the companies selling fabrics and threads, sewing accessories and kits, art supplies, and much, much more.

If any of the 300 or so FOQ 2015 exhibitors would like their business profiled or any of their product reviewed in full please email for the address to send over your samples:

1. Changs D14
Changs has a unique collection of indigo dyed fabrics from China and India (see above). Also selling a selection of Chinese Aprons (see below)Chinese Apron



printed cotton fabric by Lili Fabrics

2. Lily Fabrics I10
A long established family business offering a range of plain and printed cottons and printed jerseys



3. Stitch Witch E24
Here you can buy patterns, complete kits, a variety of threads (see above) and fabric books


IMG_3319 IMG_3313

4. Cool Crafting A56
Crafting and sewing inspirations. Cotton fabrics, kits, trims, buttons etc (no image) 

5. The Cotton Patch B21/C19 (The One Stop Patching and Quilting Shop) no image



6. African Fabric Shop H41

Dealer in African fabrics, textiles, beads and baskets; and kits inspired by Africa (images above and below)



7. Japan Crafts I46  Japanese fabrics and craft kits (no image)

DEMO N – Dami Ruiz


8. Dami Patterns and Designs

alpaca pom poms from Toft

9. Toft E16
Specialists in luxury British knitting and crochet kits

10. Stephanie Redfern Demo H

For 2D Art, textiles, printmaking, mixed media (no image)

by Debra Hall who attended in an official press capacity The Festival of Quilts 2015 at NEC, Birmingham on Friday 08 August. Visit here to view the skills, the colour and the intrinsic qualities of the craft work from the textile artist contributors, and competitors.